Thursday, 20 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #24

{A Japanese proverb goes, 'even monkeys fall from trees'. Let's how Kumaicho responds after being dropped the baton by Takagi Sayuki, as it were}

Kumai Yurina - 20th March

Based on the comments
I must have worried everyone、、

I didn't forget!! (lol)

From Juice=Juice's Takagi Sayuki-chan
The relay has come around to me!
Thanks \(^o^)/♡

Sayuki-chan is really friendly
She gives the impression that she's a hard worker!

When we were doing our rehearsals for the Naruchika LIVE
She knew that I was a matcha lover
「The moment I saw this, I thought of Kumai-san!
And immediately bought it!!」 she said
And I was given a matcha bagel she had bought
That really made me happy ♡(lol)

From that adorable kouhai、Sayuki-chan
A question。

「Something that moved you recently」 is、、

Recently、 I borrowed the book 
「Dakishimete」 which has been turned into a movie
Reading it moved me (;_;)!
Furthermore、 it's a non-fiction book
I was desperately fighting back tears
While reading it on the train…(;_;) *cries*

Being in such good health、
I'm able to do the things I want to do
I once again felt blessed 
For being able to live a life without impairment、
And I thought about all sorts of things。

Becoming unable to do
Whatever I've been taking for granted。
I'm grateful for being able to live 
So ordinarily at present…。

Morning Musume。'14's
Leader Michishige Sayumi-san
Started this relay blog。
Next will be Morning Musume。'14's
Kudo Haruka-chan\(^o^)/

I'd like to do another unit song 
With Kuduu at a live performance (*^^*)
Though she's boyish、
There are times when she seems to be a doll-like kid
That gap is great~!!lol

For that adorable Kuduu
What is something that moved you recently??♡

On the 29th 、30th of March at Pacifico Yokohama
「HinaFes 2014」 will be held!
Those who have the time
Make sure to invite your friends along to see us!!

9 days left until the HinaFes!!

A photo from some time ago。 How nostalgic。(lol)

{Kumaicho's pretty easy to translate, so she was quite nice as a change of pace. From the Sky Tree of the Idol world, we go on to the young man of MM'14. What does Kudou Haruka have to say?}

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