Saturday, 19 April 2014

Momochi denies rumours of 'Washing herself at a river'

Tsugunaga Momoko
(Photo from 12 Feb 2014)
On TBS System's 'Uwasa ha Gohou ka Shinjitsu ka Gase Dema Collection' (Are the rumours misinformation or truth? Collection of Lies and False rumours) on the 17th, Berryz Kobo's 'Momochi' Tsugunaga Momoko (22) revealed that she's prohibited from going to swimming pools, hot springs, or public baths by the office she's attached to,
We heard from the fans that they suspected that Tsugunaga was from an 'extremely poor home', and she denied the rumour that had been whispered by those about the net that 'When her bath tub was broken, she washed herself at a nearby river'. She explained that first of all, there wasn't a river near her home, moreover she brought up that 'The company is strict, and that going to swimming pools, onsen, public baths in our private time, all of those places are prohibited'. This rule even surprised the other entertainers. It seemed that even going for onsen trips was not allowed.

Actor Sakagami Shinobu automatically asked 'Why? Is it not ok for you to be seen nude?', and she affirmed it with a 'That is so'. She continued with 'If everyone were to see Momochi, they'd get nosebleeds, so it'd be dangerous in all sorts of ways,' inducing laughter.

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