Thursday, 3 April 2014

MM'14 nationwide 10 location simultaneous handshake event: Fukumura Mizuki in Osaka & Kyoto

【Osaka/ Fukumura】 Today、 Fukumura Mizuki will be making her way into Osaka! Before that…she'll be intruding into a radio programme! The person in question herself is currently in top form, fast asleep while we're en-route!! You'll definitely hear an energetic voice on the radio!! More details will come later
【Osaka & Kyoto / Fukumura Mizuki】 Before Osaka~ Kyoto! From now we'll be under the care of the campaign!! For some reason, here's a scoop in front of Kyoto-ish signboard!!
{Next one may not be directly related to the event, but whatever, it was in the midst of the happenings, plus it's Fuku-chan}
Some time ago we felt this Ju-on-like atmosphere, we felt hesitant to upload this, but today let's give it a go! From Fukumura Mizuki's sleeping form~3,2,,1,,, it's a scoop!!
【Osaka & Kyoto/ Fukumura】 Currently recording radio comments! Thank you very much!! Details are forthcoming!!
【Osaka & Kyoto/ Fukumura】 Did a recording for e-radio「charge!」 just now! The broadcast is 16th April!! Thank you very much to the MC KINAKO-san、and all of the staff-san!!
【Osaka & Kyoto / Fukumura】Viva! Lake Biwa!!
{It's a pun that sounds a lot better in Japanese - Biba! Biwako!!}
【Osaka & Kyoto / Fukumura】 I did a recording for e-radio FM SHIGA【charge!】! I reunited with Kinako-san after about 2 years! I was toldー that I've become mature (^○^
【Osaka & Kyoto/ Fukumura】「Don't forget about Kinako」 she said, giving me Tirol-Choco (ノ_<) I won't forget! Please come and drop by one of our concerts again。 And the day it goes on air is the release date [of the new single], 16th April♪ Please make sure to listen to it〜
{Tirol-Choco's most popular flavour is kinako - Japanese soy bean ricke cake}
【Osaka & Kyoto/ Fukumura】 En route、 the sakura are beautiful! Looks like it would be great for flower viewing〜☆ Kanon-chan will be making a live radio appearance in a bit!
【Osaka & Kyoto / Fukumura】 I was at KBS Kyoto-san! The recording ended without a hitch and then right in front of my eyes was the Kyoto Imperial Gardens! The sakura flowers were in full bloom!! Fukumura Mizuki at a flower viewing… Hanamizuki!! So, let's head for Osaka。
{Mizuki with her puns - 'Hanami' is flower viewing, so you add it to Mizuki and you get Hanamizuki}
【Osaka & Kyoto / Fukumura】 Thank you Kyoto! On to Osaka!!

【Osaka & Kyoto / Fukumura】 I did a recording for KBS Kyoto「Datte Suki nan da mon」! Lo and behold, I got to talk a bit concerning Berryz Kobo-san ♪ It'll go on air on the 12th of April! Thank you very much Moritani-san ♪
【Osaka & Kyoto / Fukumura】My late lunch ♪ Kyoto's thin noodles were delicious! I got dumplings that looked like kobon-chan!
【Osaka & Kyoto / Fukumura 】 Arrived at Tower Records NU chayamachi store!6:30 pm~ Handshake event starts!! We'll be waiting for a visit from all of you!!
{Banner reads: Fuku-chan, thank you for coming to Osaka!!}
【Osaka & Kyoto/ Fukumura】 The start of the handshake event is approaching!!

【Osaka & Kyoto/ Fukumura】 The handshake event starts!
【Osaka & Kyoto / Fukumura】The handshake event has ended without a hitch! Thank you very much to to the many people who came m(__)m I'd like to come again to Osaka without such a rush。
【Osaka & Kyoto/ Fukumura】The handshake event has come to an end (T ^ T) Tower Records NU chayamachi store-san、 I was under their care today ♪ This hanging screen、 it was really moving! Thank you very much ♪
【 Osaka & Kyoto /Fukumura】 Everyone who came for the handshake event! Thank you very much for associating with my 「Bang」 lol Though I wanted to talk even more。。。 I shook hands until I had to go homeー!! Bang!!!

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