Thursday, 10 August 2017

Twitter Tidbits: Airi's 2017 birthday event

Some tweets from Airi's 23rd birthday event, held on 24th April 2017.
Usual caveat that these are more fan-reported snippets than a comprehensive picture.

[RefAiri admires Takahashi Ai-san, and when Aichan's graduation came around, she was at a loss - what should she do with the impending graduation of the person she admired?
In tears, she went to talk about it with Aichan.
Aichan: Airi, since it's you, it'll be fine. I leave it in your hands.
Airi has since carried those words in her chest.
Airi: H!P is linked, isn't it? We've got a history.


[RefAiri continues on to talk about Takahashi Ai.
As she was talking how Aichan used her neck and shoulders in such an alluring manner, she recommended looking up videos under '高橋愛 最高峰' (lit. 'Takahashi Ai Greatest Peaks').
[RefAiri: I'm being told by some of the girls who joined H!P recently that they look up to me. But firstly I'd like them to at least have a look at where it all came from! Have a look at the first generation!
[RefAiri: I don't know the extent of how much we took over from what had been made by Nakazawa-san and Tsunku♂-san, but want to hand it over to the kouhai-chans. I've got my hopes pinned on them.


[Ref 1][Ref 2At the end of Airi's birthday event, Airi gave a signed cutout of her face to a girl at the front row.
Airi: You're always [at events], saying you want to be like me! It was the same with me. I was sitting at the front row at a musical and Yaguchi-san waved to me. That's what got me started.
Suzuki Airi Zenshu (photobook) 2010-2017 "Eien" / Koki Nishida


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