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100 questions to Sakura Gakuin's Mizuno Yui 【Complete version】

In 2014, Kikuchi Moa was inaugurated as Student Council President of Sakura Gakuin, and Mizuno Yui was appointed to hold the newly-created position of Chairperson of Production。

 This summer, as BABYMETAL, they'll be having a worldwide tour, and also making appearances in festivals in and out of the country. In the August issue of Gekkan Entame,  we have compiled a feature entitled  Sakura Gakuin 「YuiMoa」 Great Research』, where we make a thorough analysis of these 2 extremely global people。

 Due to space limitations, the publication of 「100 questions to Mizuno Yui」 and 「100 questions to Kikuchi Moa」 was only partially published (For Mizuno Yui, only 41 from the 100 questions were published、 and only 35 from the 100 questions for Kikuchi Moa), so here we include the remainder, which allows us to unveil all of the questions to the public!

{Here's a link to my translation of Moa's Q&A}

Mizuno Yui / Middle school 3rd year.
School report card is mainly 3s and 4s (※5 point grading system).
A fan of foreign TV shows, she's always promoting them to Moa-chan ☆
100 questions to Mizuno Yui

01. Dogs? Cats?
Dogs. I love toy poodles in particular

02. Favourite sushi topping?
I often eat salmon ♪

03. Favourite Sakura Gakuin song?
Currently it's 『Mikansei Silhouette』♪  I love the lyrics ☆

04. Something you're into lately?
Nounen Rena-chan from Amachan。

05. Favourite sport?
Dance、 football、 volleyball ♪

06. Sport you're bad at?
Probably nothing in particular?

07. Favourite anime?
『K-On』、『MadoMagi』、『Crayon Shin-chan』 and so on ♪

08. Where would you like to go?(Domestic)
I'd like to try going to Okinawa!!

09. Where would you like to go?(Abroad)
We often went there when I was small, so I'd like to go to Saipan again!

10. Favourite Idol?
Karen Girl's.

11. What sort of occupation would you like to try besides being an idol?
A nurse.

12. Favourite colour?
Sakura pink ♪ But I like any sort of bright colour!!

13. If you were to be reborn, would you be male? Female?
A girl ♪ Even if I were reborn, I'd like to become a student of Sakura Gakuin!!

14. What's something you often buy at convenience stores?
Salads or sweets ♪

15. What do you do when you're down in the dumps?
Get powered up by listening to my favourite music。 Discuss my worries with our reliable alumni!

16. Your weakness?
I can't stand the sound of fingernails across a blackboard~!!

17. Favourite onigiri filling?
Hmm. Depends on mood, but I like salmon roe 

18. What do you think you were in a previous life?
Rabbit (laughs).

19. Favourite foreign artist?
This is from pretty long ago though... Ariana Grande.

20. Are you popular?
No no no no no (laughs)。

21. What's your most attractive feature?
My airy natural perm and my cheeks ♪

22. Favourite TV programme?
Victorious』 and 『Sam & Cat』(Ariana Grande appears in them!!)。

23. Favourite season?
Summer ☆

24. Favourite event?
Sports meets ♪ I'd like to try having one in Sakura too!

25. Favourite saying?
「Nandarou??」 (What is it??)

26. Your strong point?
My strong feelings for Sakura Gakuin.

27. Your weak points?
I don't put myself forward when push comes to shove.

28. What's a non-negotiable obsession you have?
I can eat an entire tomato ☆

29. The first thing you do upon waking up?
Stretch。「It's like I'm growing taller ☆」 (lol)。

30. Are you sensitive to the cold? Sensitive to the heat?
If I had to pick one, I'd say I'm sensitive to the heat?

31. What's your shoe size?
24 cm!!

32. Favourite hairstyle?
Ponytail, Pigtails, Buns, I guess!

33. What clothes have you bought recently?
I bought a lot of summer clothes

34. School subject you're best at?
I think that recently, it might be maths! Physical education as well ♪

35. Favourite movie?
Toy Story 3 and Wreck-It Ralph! The Little Mermaid! There's tons of others!

36. What would you do if you had 600 million yen?
I'd go to Disney Sea and buy lots of Ariel goods ♡ I'd save the rest (laughs)

37. How much time do you spend in the bath?
I've never actually measured (laughs) About 30 minutes, I guess?

38. How long does it take to dry your hair?
It gets done quickly!

39. Can you sum up your personality in one word?

40. What's something that made you happy recently?
When I saw and met up with Nounen Rena-chan in a dream.

41. What's something that made you sad recently?
My brother that's 2 years younger than me overtook me in height...

42. What's something that made you angry recently?
Hmm-, when I was walking on a rainy day, a truck passed by and splashed water from a puddle on the road, and my clothes got completely soaked~!!

43. Favourite sweets?  
Konnyaku jelly ♪

44. Have you ever received any awards?
I got an award for a book report when I was in primary school!! And then、 I got an award for an art poster♪

45. Favourite drink?
Drinks that are made from the peach family (like peach tea)!!

46. People you respect?
The alumni of Sakura Gakuin.

47. At what age would you like to get married?
Hmm-. No idea (laughs)!!

48. Is there a person、 thing、 place that scares you no matter what?
Ghosts... I try not to think about them when I'm alone (cries).

49. The most difficult kanji that you know of?
The 'utsu' (鬱) of 'Yuuutsu' (憂鬱- depression)!

50. Something you want to accomplish before you die?
A live performance with all of the Sakura Gakuin members so far ♪

51. What do you think of the world in its present state?
Yui watched the movie 『Sunset on Third Street』、 and wasn't the Showa Era great! At any rate, I think that everything's so convenient in the world we live in now。

52. What are your speciality dishes?
Omelette rice, I guess? It's fun to draw on it with ketchup at the end ♪

53. What would you do if you could use magic?
I'd like to fly in the skies and walk on a rainbow ♪

54. A group you'd like to have a showdown with?
Shiosai no Memories 

55. What time do you go to sleep?
Depends on the day, but I think that mine's the earliest among the Sakura members!

56. What time do you wake up?
Generally 7:00 am on days when I have school!

57. Favourite novel?
『Good luck』! Clover's wonderful story ☆

58. Favourite great figure?
The super ladies that come out in Sakura Gakuin's school regulations ♪

59. Favourite military commander?
I guess Takeda Shingen's younger brother, Takeda Nobushige!? I heard that he's a big-hearted person ♪

60. Which country do you expect to win the World Cup?
Japan! I want Ookubo-senshu to do his best!

61. Favourite metropolitan train line?
Yurikamome ♪ Since it's like riding a theme park attraction, I get excited!!

62. Favourite theme park attraction?
Roller coasters!!

63. Magazine you often read?
There aren't any magazines that I buy every month, but if I find magazines with any of our alumni, I buy those ♪

64. Anime character that you think is cool?
Homura-chan from 'MadoMagi'

65. The most embarrassing incident you've had up to now?
I got in a car that I thought was my family's, but it turned out to be some stranger's car (laughs).

66. How do you spend a one day holiday?
Going out with Moa, Hana, Yunano ♪ Since our schedules don't match up, we hardly every go out together...

67. How do you release stress?
Screaming into my pillow.

68. Favourite part of yakiniku?
I like the skirt steak.

69. What animal would you liken Taguchi Hana to?

70. What animal would you liken Isono Rinon to

71. What animal would you liken Notsu Yunano to

72. What animal would you liken Ooga Saki to
Shiba Inu!

73. What animal would you liken Shirai Saki to
Polar bear ♪

74. What animal would you liken Yamaide Aiko to
Toy poodle ♪

75. What animal would you liken Kurashima Sara to

76. What animal would you liken Okada Megumi to
Red panda!!

77. Would you like to borrow this space to apologise for something?
For worrying a lot of people in March.

78. How many seconds does it take you to run 50m?
I can't remember in detail, but about 8 seconds!!

79. The world is ending、 what would you like to eat?
Tomatoes ☆

80. Favourite comedian?
I have lots  ♪

81. What do both your parents most often praise you for?
My consideration to my siblings!!

82. Female celebrity you look up to?
『Amachan』's Amano Aki ☆ Nounen Rena-chan!

83. Male celebrity you look up to?
『Amachan』's Taneichi Koichi☆ Fukushi Sota-san!

84. Which would you want to visit、 200 years in the past or 200 years in the future
200 years in the future ♪

85. Being able to speak with animals、 or understanding languages of the world、 which ability would you want?
The ability to talk to animals! Since I think I'll be able to study the languages of the world!

86. Favourite character?
Ariel and Toy Story

87. Headphones? Or earphones?
When I have to bring them along, earphones! But either is probably okay (laughs).

88. What would you wish for if it would come true?
A concert with all of the members Sakura Gakuin has had so far (2nd time today (laughs))

89. Something you bought that made you say 「This was a mistakeー」?
A pen without ink......(laughs).

90. An alien appears in front of you、 what do you do?
I'd like to try saying 'We are humans' (laughs).

91. What is your favourite saying?
Ame nochi Niji ♪ (Rainbows after the rain)

92. Have you seen ghosts before?
I don't think so. I definitely definitely definitely don't want to see any!

93. What sort of person would other people describe you as?
That I'm an airhead? (laughs)

94. Are you methodical? Or imprecise?
If I had to pick one, I guess I'd be methodical?

95. What was the first CD you bought?
The first CD I bought that I saved my pocket money for was by Momoiro Clover-san ♪

96. What sort of people do you easily get along with?
Someone I can relax with when we're together.

97. What sort of people are you bad with?

98. Is there anything that's troubling you recently?
Whether or not I should cut my hair! Ah, but I won't cut it short (laughs).

99. What's your greatest treasure?
The graduates as well as members of Sakura Gakuin, my family, and my guardians.

100. Please give a statement to Kikuchi-san。
Moa~!! Thank you for everything! Wherever I am, whenever it is, I'm always with Moa! If Moa wasn't around, the Yui you see now wouldn't be here. She made me strong. Let's hang out again!! I'm begging for your kindness from now on as well ♪

Student Council President Kikuchi Moa (left) and
Chairperson of Production Mizuno Yui (right)
{Here's a link to my translation of Moa's Q&A}

Source: Gekkan Entame


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