Saturday, 30 August 2014

H!PS - Miya x KanaTomo - Question Corner and Ending

KanaTomo asks Miya about Buono!, while Miya asks KanaTomo about her relationship with Airi. They also talk about who they'd like to work with in the ending segment.

Question Corner

KanaTomo starts with her question: She likes Buono!, and given that Berryz have announced their hiatus, she would like to know if Miya likes Buono!

Miya admits that she does, even though it's a bit tough, no thanks to the 2 unique personalities in Buono! But she loves the songs and the concerts, and she mentions that the fans do as well. She compares Berryz being cute and pop-ish with Buono!'s rock theme, plus the fact that they have a live band at the Buono! concerts. They were a bit uneasy with having a live band at first, but ended up finding it to be amazing.

Miya says that partaking in Buono! changed her, so she really loves Buono!
KanaTomo: That's great to hear
Miya: When we perform, please come, Kanazawa-chan
KanaTomo: No doubts about it, I'd love to go and watch you
Miya then poses her question to KanaTomo: Miya points out that KanaTomo's good chums with Airi, and asks KanaTomo what's so good about Airi.

Miya starts off by asking if KanaTomo can hold conversations with Airi, especially when it's hard to catch what Airi's saying. KanaTomo says that she'll just mention that she'll couldn't catch what Airi said. The response catches Miya off-guard, surprised at KanaTomo's frankness. KanaTomo admits she can't catch what Airi says most of the time, but the conversation would just continue incomprehensibly if she didn't point it out. But KanaTomo still likes that aspect of Airi.
Miya: It's great that you think that way. You're not forcing yourself, thankfully.
Miya follows up by asking KanaTomo what sort of common point did they have that led them to become friends. KanaTomo says that she consulted with Airi about singing, who gave her cordial advice, which eventually led to them agreeing to go for karaoke. Although that still hasn't materialised.

Miya then asks what was the first thing they did together, if they hadn't gone for karaoke. KanaTomo replies that their first outing together was to the Land of Dreams, Disneyland. Miya finds it amazing that they started out by hanging out like that, and praises KanaTomo's courage. In Miya's case, she hardly ever hung out with her senpai.
Miya's relieved to have heard KanaTomo's response, and hopes she'll continue to maintain her good relationship with Airi.

Ending (44:00~)

KanaTomo mentions that she was nervous and excited when she first heard that she'd be MCing with Miya, but found her easy to talk with and more cheerful than she had expected. Miya notes that KanaTomo gradually became more able to express herself throughout the episode.

Miya enjoyed getting to talk with KanaTomo, finding her refined, reliable, and feminine beyond her years. Miya invites KanaTomo to hang out, maybe over a meal with Airi.

On the question on who they'd like to MC again with next time, KanaTomo mentions that it'd be great to make friends after working with someone she hasn't had much chances to talk with. Miya asks her to choose someone from Berryz, and KanaTomo goes with Momo. She says that she really respects Momo's ability with words and how she handles MCing. But she'd like to learn from Momo's ability at talking.
Miya: Are you serious?
KanaTomo: I'm serious.
Miya: No way~ Please edit that part out.
KanaTomo: Don't~ (laughs)
Miya notes that she doesn't really get to talk much with her juniors either. She would like to try it out with Juice=Juice. Besides Ikuta and Maachan, she hasn't really talked much with Morning Musume. '14 either. 

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