Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Quitting and graduating

Reina put up a brief announcement on her blog:

I'm quitting LoVendoЯ。

With that mere sentence, she brings us this weighty news. 
Very much like Reina - no frills, no explanations, no room for misunderstanding - just a single sentence.

Also of note: A blog post by Takagi Sayuki, posted earlier on the same day

Today I、 Takagi Sayuki have something important to say。
I love Tanaka Reina-san、 and I thought I'd work hard in order to become a person like Tanaka-san。
However、as of today, I will be graduating from being a Tanaka-san oshi。
And Tanaka-san、 thank you very much for everything up to now。
There were a lot of times、 when I was able to do my best thanks to Tanaka-san。
From now on、 as I'm a senpai, I'll work hard in order to become a presence that will be admired。

Could this be related to Reina's cryptic announcement? Only time will tell.

EDIT: Also, see this post from Sato Masaki
Translation of relevant bits:

And please listen


Tanasa-tann? Tanaka-san

I despiーーーse her

Sato Masaki

(please read the portion which follows after once it's past midnight)

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