Thursday, 3 April 2014

MM'14 nationwide 10 location simultaneous handshake event: Wrap-up

For their nationwide 10 location simultaneous handshake event, held on the 2nd of April, the MM'14 girls had a drawing the other day to decide where they'd be going.

Like their previous simultaneous handshake event earlier this year, the girls (or their managers) posted quick updates through the official Morning Musume twitter account @MorningMusumeMg.
Below are compilations of their tweets according to member. The tweets are arranged oldest to newest, with accompanying translations by myself.
For a change of style, Up-Front Link also has translations.

Michishige Sayumi - Ishikawa prefecture (6 tweets)
Fukumura Mizuki - Osaka (& Kyoto) prefecture (18 tweets + 1 bonus)
Ikuta Erina - Akita prefecture (3 tweets)
Sayashi Riho - Mie prefecture (11 tweets)
Suzuki Kanon - Aichi prefecture (11 tweets)
Iikubo Haruna - Kanagawa prefecture (7 tweets)
Ishida Ayumi - Hokkaido (7 tweets)
Sato Masaki - Tokyo Metropolis (4 tweets)
Kudo Haruka - Okinawa prefecture (5 tweets)
Oda Sakura - Nagasaki prefecture (6 tweets)

By the way, I also did translations for Fuku-chan and RihoRiho when they did individual regional handshakes in January:
Fukumura Mizuki - Yamaguchi & Hyogo
Sayashi Riho - Hiroshima & Osaka

If you'd like a nice tale about one of these handshake events, might I recommend HelloProjectWorld's translation concerning Oda-chan's handshake last year? As a fresh (and arguably less popular) Musume at the time, Oda gets assigned a rural town, but 2ch bands together to make it a reasonably well attended handshake event. It's a long read, but heart-warming.

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