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Morning Musume。 '14 interview with Oricon Style for 'Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe / Password is 0'

Currently making another breakthrough! What's event made them feel as if their faces and names were remembered?

Fukumura Mizuki
―― Firstly, we'd like to hear about the first of your two songs from the double A single 「Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe」 (Crossing time, crossing space)! What sort of song is it?
【Ikuta Erina】 With such a grand title (laughs), I think that this song that is able to evoke a response in everyone. It's packed with tons of lyrics such as 'On days when you're lonely and can't sleep, it's okay to cry,' impressive lyrics that can open up your mind. 

【Ishida Ayumi】 Normally, when we tell the audience that we'll be performing our latest song,
all the fans would obstinately try to dance along together with us. But when it comes to this song, all of them listen to it carefully, even though they've already seen us perform it at concerts [and thus would have been able to follow along with the dance]. 

【Fukumura Mizuki】 That hasn't happened before. I think that this song really does cross time. As Eripon (Ikuta) mentioned, there are plenty of lyrics that can resonate with the listener. At the same time, the lyrics seem to talk about the future. The music video (MV) is like that as well, and this amazing 'sense of space' comes out during the concerts! Even the dance looks like we're moving in water, bringing to mind a sense of us floating in zero gravity。
Ikuta Erina

――Certainly、 the beginning of the MV does give an impression of an “Air Twelve Girls Band”。 And now the other song, 「Password is 0」.

【Sayashi Riho】 Right. 'Password' has all sorts of meanings, but in this case we're it bears the meaning of 'watchword'。 In the lyrics, the lines '○○ nai' are repeated several times. I started at the outset thinking that 「0」=「Nai」 {nothing/without}, but I think that the message is about 'expanding one's own possibilities'. I feel that that's exactly where the present Morning Musume。’14 is at.

【Iikubo Haruna】 「Password is 0」 has this great sense of speed, so I think that it'll be a song we use to liven up concerts. I want the fans to enjoy making the 「0」 character, whether they be fans who came with friends, or ones who are battling it out alone. And I think that the lyrics are really deep. For example, while we say that 'No matter how much effort you put in, nothing is guaranteed', we also mention 'Yet beyond those efforts, something will be there'. I think that that's applicable no matter what world you inhabit. I feel like Tsunku♂-san is writing towards where we're currently heading to.
Sayashi Riho

――Certainly. However, with that 'Direction of the current Morning Musume。’14'、 I feel that everyone sings with conviction。
【Sayashi】  About this song, we also recorded a 「Mori Musu。 version」 with Morisanchuu-san。 We were a bit saddened by the fact that part of the song was taken away from us (laughs), but I want you to make sure to listen to it, as it has this delightful feeling。

―― Well then, you've all been active on variety programmes on television recently, so haven't there been more people who remember your names and faces recently compared to before?
【Ikuta】 Yes!  Morning Musume。’14 were selected as the ambassadors for the 『Nippon! Call Project』 in conjunction with the Sochi Olympics held in February, and during the live performance we held for the Japanese representative team at their send-off party, some of the representatives pointed out, 「Ah、 the magic girl!」, which made me really happy。

―― That's amazing! But you still continue to look down in the dumps。
【Ikuta】 But recently I've been thinking of looking for a 「new skill。 For example, that I've been playing golf since I was a child。 

【Iikubo】  I'm said to be 「In charge of flattery」, and I've been acknowledged by Kato Kouji-san。 It makes me really glad whenever Katou-san brings up the subject whenever I make an appearance on a programme。 Therefore, I've become the self-styled “Katou Kouji approved flattering idol”。 

【Sayashi】  I've often got the chance to be remembered as 「The girl with the complicated name」。 The number of people who can write my name is slowly increasing。The character 「鞘」 (Saya) is a complicated character that isn't even taught in university, so I'd be really glad if this kanji seeps throughout the whole country!

――Rather than remembering Sayashi-san, it's become a tale of kanji (lol
【Ikuta】 That's niceー。 My name's too simple, that in town I get called 「Oi Ikuta!」。It makes me wonder: why are you not attaching an honorific? Sooner or later, it might be that no one will call me 「Eripon」 any more……。 Even the kids in the lower grades of primary school don't add an honorific either。 

【Ishida】 My name too。 Since it's the same as famous actress Ishida Ayumi, they remember that aspect of it! 

【Fukumura】 I emerged the victor when I was challenged in a 『Taiko no Tatsujin』 showdown on television。 Since then, the people around me have been referring to me as 「It's the 『Taiko no Tatsujin』 girl」。 I think I'd like to raise my skills up even higher from now on!

If you could cross time…… which era would you like to go to

Iikubo Haruna
―― You know, it's interesting that 2 of you have something related to taiko drums (laughs)。{Note: The word I'm translating as 'flattery' is 'taikomochi ', lit. possessing a taiko drum. It's a reference to court entertainers who would entertain guests through praise.} Well then, in relation to 「Toki wo koe Sora wo koe」, if you could cross through time, which era would you like to go to? Please tell us, one at a time!

【Fukumura】Since I'm of the <past faction>, there's a lot of things I want to tell to myself in the past。 I want to go back to when I was in my 5th year of primary school。 It's the year when I would soon be joining the Hello! Pro Eggs, and I think it would be better if I had had more practice with all sorts of things from when I was small。 In classes at school, there were parts of it where I definitely cut corners。When I was in junior high, there were some things that I had to give up。I want to enter that time and scold that self of mine。

―― It seems like it would develop on the lines of, 「Some weird oneechan came up to me and told me to 『Go study』!」。

【Fukumura】But I think my past self will believe me if I tell her 「I'm you from the future」。

Ishida Ayumi
――(laughs)。 Well then, next is Ikuta-san, go ahead!

【Ikuta】 Erina's in the <future faction>, so I'd like to go to the 23 century。 It'll be a world where Doraemon is something ordinary、the 23rd century。 Also, I'd also like to try personally experiencing a 「Dokodemo Door」! 

【Sayashi】 Similarly, I'm in the <future faction>。 I want to be moved by an era that has seen progress。 There might also be the possibility that life might have become more difficult。 However, I think that Japan will definitely have progressed well (Grunts and nods of agreement) 

【Iikubo】  On the topic of whether the past or the future would be better, I think it's amazing how Sayashi-san gave such a serious answer! 

【Ishida】 Flatterer!(laughs)。 For me……I'm of the <past faction>, since if the future is good, I'd think 「Ah、 the future is like this」 and not put in any effort, and I feel like something odd would happen that would mess with the future。 So, I'd head to the past。 Rather than savouring the development of the future, I'd like to venture into something that I know is an inconvenience at present, and I'd realise the value of something convenient!

―― Somehow the conversation ended up turning into what feels like a discussion in class about morals。 Well then, finally, Iikubo-san。

【Iikubo】  Everyone said such cool things, it makes me feel embarrassed…… But I'd like to go to the Yayoi period, and be revered as a deity by using all of the knowledge and technology that I understand。 

【Everyone】  Whoaーー……。 

【Iikubo】  As someone who supports Yamatai-koku,  I'd like to win fame as a deity。 I want to be pampered and to receive treatment similar to Himiko ……But you know, it's significantly different from all of you。 It might be better to think of something different……(Regains control of face)

―― In Doraemon, if you were to do that, you'd be arrested by the time patrol (laughs)。 Well then, finally, please show your enthusiasm for the 5th consecutive 1st place. Fukumura-san, if you please!

【Fukumura】 Right, I think this every time, but for the songs this time around, the lyrics for both are magnificent。 Since I think that the final verse of both songs have the meaning of <hope> embedded in them, I want us to have hope, and move forward。 For the sake of that, I'd like it if a lot of people listen to these songs。 All of the members have become salespeople, feeling like we're selling things by hand, and to that extent, we'll do our best!

【Video comment】 The beginning of a new lifestyle! Something you want to “confess” looking back on last year

April is said to be the season for new lifestyles。 For the sake of changing your attitude and greet it refreshed, confess in front of the camera about something you want to “confess” looking back on last year!

Source: Oricon Style

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