Sunday, 29 March 2015

Highlights from Country Girls' 'Itooshikutte Gomen ne / Koidorobo' Release Event

On the 26th of March 2015, the reborn unit 'Country Girls' had an event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City's Fountain Plaza to commemorate their newly released single 'Itooshikutte Gomen ne / Koidorobo'. Here are some of the highlights, gleaned from various coverage videos and articles.

Ozeki: 'I think that there are still people who don't know about me, so I'd like to tell you about myself. Firstly, I'm really cute, the most spirited in Country Girls, with the best figure.'
Momoko: 'I think that there are people who are knowing me for the first time as Country Girls' Tsugunaga Momoko, so Momochi would like to fully appeal to you. Momochi, within Country Girls, is the cutest, the most cheerful, with a so-so figure.'

One MC has the girls asking Momochi-senpai questions.

Risa: 'What's Momochi-senpai's motto?'
Momoko: 'Zero hate springs from the greatest love' (A play on the Japanese proverb 'The greatest hate springs from the greatest love')

Momoko: 'By the way, what's Risa-chan's motto?'
Risa: 'Mine would be Steve Jobs-san's "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish".'

Uta: 'What colour pyjamas does Momochi-senpai wear when going to sleep?'
The rest: 'We're interested too!~'
Momoko: 'Of course, Momochi wears fluffy pink pyjamas to go to sleep.'
Uta: *Disbelieving stare*

Momoko: 'By the way, how about Uta-chan?'
Uta: 'I wear fluffy pink ones, with white polka dots. The bottom is fluffy too.'
*Crowd gets excited*
Momoko: 'What's up with this difference? From silence to 'Woo~'. You shouldn't just take her at her word.'
Momoko: 'See, now it's like Momochi's scary again. I hate that. (Turns to Uta-chan) In truth, you just wear sweats, right?'
Uta: 'You've. Got. It. Wrong.'

Needs of the group
Momoko: 'I'm called an irritating idol, and Mai-chan gives off that narcissistic feel. We don't need 2 of those kinds of girls in the same group.'
Ozeki: 'Momochi-senpai's a character, mine's natural.'

A senpai's duty
Chisaki: 'We've always been saying that all of Country Girls should go out for a meal together. In that case, would we have to split the bill?'
Risa: 'Ah, I'd like to know!'
Momoko: 'Give me a second. By the way, what would you like to eat?'
Chisaki: (Thinks for a moment) 'Crab.'
(The girls all start raising their hands)
Ozeki: 'I'd like to have unaju, broiled eel on rice.'
Risa: 'I want to have steak.'
Manaka: 'I want to eat sushi that isn't revolving.'
Momoko: 'Of course all of you won't have to pay - the bill will go to Satoda Mai.'

And after that, there was the usual press conference.

The Momochi Musubi
Momoko: 'Actually, Berryz Kobo entered our hiatus on the 3rd of March, and since then I've been unable to use the magic that forms the Momochi Musubi. So now it's like this, but what I think is that now, if I do the Momochi Musubi, the 5 of them...well, this might sound a bit rude, but "it might overshadow them", so I think that this kind of balance is good.
Media: 'Is this a change in character?'
Momoko: 'It's not a change in character, you meanie~ ♥'

Momoko: 'I'm not thinking about making myself stand out, but I might stand out for being too cute, so in that case, Yurushite-nyan ♥'
Manaka: 'Wait a second. Our new song's "Gomenasai ne". It's not "Yurushite-nyan". Please do it this way (one hand vertical above head, as per their choreography)'
Media: 'Can you please apologise?'
Momoko: (with hand on head) 'Gomen ne. But this just for the release week only. Then I'd like to go back to Yurushite-nyan.'

Chisaki: 'I'd like to become renowned enough to have a tour on our own.'

Manaka: 'I'd like us to get bigger, until we're known even overseas, wouldn't Satoda-san drop by a lot as well? That's my dream.'
Momoko: 'That's a good dream. Momochi would like to pitch for the opening of the Yankee's baseball season. (All of them start making pitching gestures) Right, we'd like to give that a try.'

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