Sunday, 1 March 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #23 Murota Mizuki

From the Sayashi Riho, she who holds the right to touch Fuku-chan's upper arms, the blog relay continues along to Murotan.

(Original blog post in Japanese)

The baton has been passed to me from Sayashi Riho-san!!!
Hyahhoーi ///

Sayashi-san is a senpai I look up to (^ー^)

Sayashi-san's reallllly good at dancing!
I've been using Sayashi-san's dancing as an example from since I was a Kenshuusei ❤️

She's really cute、 it makes me wonder why her smile is so adorable~
I'd like to become like Sayashi-san!❤

Thinking about the theme of the relay blog 『Is It Just Me?』、、、
What could it be?

I like crocodiles
They're really cool ❤️

Firstly、 crocodiles come in all varieties、 but I like huge crocodiles、 the saltwater crocodile is said to be the biggest crocodile in the world、 but among crocodiles、 it lives for a long 10 years、 and can exceed 10 metres!!!
Isn't that awesome?
It's awesome, right!❤️

Crocodiles are unexpectedly intelligent、 they don't move unless it's time to eat、 but once it spots its prey、 it rips its prey by revolving while the prey is still in its mouth。(In the case of large prey)

Well… it's gotten a bit scary、 but there are crocodiles that don't eat humans、 their chomping power is amazing、 but it seems that their strength to open their mouths are relatively weak!

Thinking about it, isn't that adorable?
It's adorable ❤️
Also、 there are crocodiles with adorably shaped mouths、 so I'd like everyone to have a look at all sorts of crocodiles!

The person that the baton will go to next、、、
Country Girls' Yamaki Risa-chan ❤️

I'd like to hang out with Yamakki some time soon
We were pretty close when we were Kenshuusei!
I became able to use casual language with Yamakki!

Yay ❤️✌
From when I was in the Kenshuusei、 I went and consulted Yamakki whenever I faced tough times!
She was my junior、 but now, since we joined at roughly the same time, we're contemporaries…!!

It makes me really happy that there are increasingly many companions who joined at about the same time ❤️
Let's all become good friends

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