Wednesday, 11 March 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #32 Kanazawa Tomoko

The blog relay moves along from Morning Musume。´15's ikemen Kudo Haruka to someone who's acted as an ikemen, Kanazawa Tomoko.

(Original blog post in Japanese)

The HinaFes blog relay
Came along to me from
Morning Musume。´15’s Kudo Haruka-chan!
Isn’t just mature from the point of view of the fans
The members of H!P think the same!
On-stage、 off-stage
She’s always going on about this and that、
Which always makes me think
She’s an idol…。♡

Short hair fits her just right
I envy her beautiful looks。

Well then!
For the blog relay
「Is It Just Me…?」
Is the theme、

For Kanazawaー…
I seeー… What could it beー…
I like video games and often play them on the TV
But race games?
Racing games?
When I’m playing those、
I handle the controller
Like I’m turning a steering wheel。
I really get into itー。
Occasionally、 my body and my face
Will be inclined too! lol

When playing action games though
I’ve obviously never made a mistake
And did something like accidentally throw a punch。

…That’s how it is!

Seeing all the entries in the blog relay、
You really understand everyone’s personalities
Is really filled with funny members。 lol

Those rich-in-personality members
Will appear LIVE en-masse、
【Hello! Project HinaFes 2015 ~ Mankai!The Girls’ Festival ~ 】
Which will be opened at Pacifico Yokohama
28 (Sat) ・ 29 (Sun) March!

And each performance
Will have it’s own
1 time only! shuffle unit。
From Juice=Juice
・ Miyazaki Yuka-chan
・ Takagi Sayuki-chan
・ Uemura Akari-chan
The 3 of them will be participating in one of those units
So please check it out!
Everyone, please please!
Come and watch the HinaFes~♡

Well then。
Next、 I’ll pass the baton to
ANGERME’s Wada Ayaka-san ♪♪

Is a beauty with a really nice figure
Always smiling, she’s perfect!
That’s her image。♡

She likes paintings
She likes Buddha statues
She’s got lots of wonderful hobbies!
If she makes use of those hobbies
In all sorts of fields
And it invigorates
Hello! Project
That would make me happy。

And with that, Wada-san! For the blog relay、
I’m counting on you!

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