The Tsugunaga Constitution

The Tsugunaga Constitution

The Tsugunaga Constitution was established by Tsugunaga Momoko as 'Momoko's constitution for Momoko by Momoko'. They come into effect the day that Tsugunaga herself announces them on the radio. It is requested that Tsugunaga fans adhere to the Constitution.

Although there are articles numbered 00 to 500, only these 36 were revealed by Momoko.

00条 誰かの誕生日には、0:00にメールを送る
Article 00: On someone's birthday, send them a message at 12:00 midnight

1条 テストの点は聞くな
Article 1: Do not ask about test results

2条 緑茶は「みどり茶」と読め
Article 2: Read green tea (proper pronunciation: ryokucha) as 'green' tea (midori-cha, lit. green tea)

3条 「少なめ」のことは「小盛り」と言え
Article 3: Refer to “sukuname” (the usual way to request a small serving) as “komori” (lit. small helping, but a pretty odd way of saying it)

4条 頑張るときは自分の名前にパワーを付けて使う
Article 4: When you have to do your best, append the word ‘power’ to your own name.

8条 たこ焼きは、たこと生地、別々に食べる
Article 8: When eating takoyaki, eat the octopus and batter separately

10条 ジュースに氷を入れない
Article 10: Don’t put ice in juice

11条 シャーペンの芯は、1本ずつ入れる
Article 11: For mechanical pencils, put in one piece of lead at a time

15条 ショートケーキは、苺を一番はじめに食べる
Article 15: When eating a shortcake, start with the strawberry

17条 切符は日付が書いてあるほうに穴を空ける
Article 17: On tickets, have the hole punched where the date is written

24条 嗣永桃子のことを大人という
Article 24: Tsugunaga Momoko is an adult

27条 バンドエードは、バンソーコーエード
Article 27: Band-aids are bansoko-aids ('bansoko' = band-aid)

30条 ☆みかんの皮はキレイに星型にむけるように努力する☆
Article 30: ☆ Make an effort to neatly peel an orange’s skin in a star shape ☆

33条 ロールキャベツは、キャベツから食べる
Article 33: When eating cabbage rolls, start with the cabbage

39条 前髪を暇な時にチェックする
Article 39: Check your bangs whenever you’re free

43条 ペンは、色がまぢらないようにする。
Article 43: Separate pens by colour

52条 K太郎のレコメンを聞く
Article 52: Listen to 'K-Taro no REKOMEN'
{Note: These articles were aired through Berryz Kobo's Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki!, which as part of the radio programme 'K-Taro no REKOMEN'. K-Taro (Sunayama Keitaro) himself helped host Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki!}

55条 りんごは塩水には絶対につけない
Article 55: Under no circumstances do you put apples in salt water

56条 「消しゴムは、はしっこを切っておく ※ケースのほう」
Article 56: Create edges on erasers by cutting them out * Towards the case
{Note: I asked around, and it seems that since it's difficult to erase with the rounded edge of an eraser, you would cut it to create edges that make it easier to erase with.}

63条 砂糖と塩を、ちゃんと確認してから料理すること
Article 63: Be sure to confirm which is salt and which is sugar before proceeding to cook

66条 電車の”つりかわ”は、なにがなんでもつかまる!!
Article 66: Hold on to the train strap by whatever means you have!!

67条 おすしのタマゴは、たまごとしゃり別々に食べる
Article 67: For sushi with eggs, eat the egg and the rice separately

71条 目覚まし時計は1分おきに5回以上鳴らすように設定すること
Article 71: Set your alarm clock to repeat every minute for at least 5 times

73条 バースデーソングを歌う時は、「Dear」の後、なんて呼ぶかをあらかじめ決めておく
Article 73: When singing the birthday song, decide beforehand the name that should be called out after the 'Dear~' is sung

78条 「ここまでお湯を入れる」という表示よりも、少なくお湯を入れる
Article 78: Instead of following the instruction to "Pour hot water up to here", put in just a bit of hot water

80条 リップクリームは、まるく使う
Article 80 : Apply lip balm in circles

91条 はみがき中は、しゃべらない
Article 91: Do not talk while brushing your teeth

102条 ~食パンはバターをぬってから焼く!~
Article 102: ~ Spread butter on bread before toasting it!~

132条 日記帳には、必ずカギをつける
Article 132: Make sure to lock your diary

147条 冬は、ストーブの近くの特等席をとるべし!
Article 147: Try to have a special seat near the heater during winter!

206条 ~ヘビの鳴き声をマネすることを禁止する~
Article 206: ~Mimicking a snake's cry is prohibited~

209条 毎日『絵だけ日記』をつける
Article 209: Every day, add to your 'picture diary'

214条 バレンタインにもらったチョコは、おいしくなくても「おいしい」と言うコト!
Article 214: When you receive chocolates for Valentine's, say that they're delicious even if they aren't!

231条 髪の結び目はアゲアゲで!
Article 231: Raise the places where you tie your hair!

500条 500円玉は新しいほうを使って古いほうはとっておく!!
Article 500: Use new 500 yen coins and reserve the old ones!!

Summary articles
Articles 00-10 (7 articles)
Articles 11-30 (6 articles)
Articles 31 - 56 (7 articles)
Articles 63-80 (7 articles)
Articles 91-500 (9 articles)

Reference: Hello!Pedia (Japanese)

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