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Twitter Tidbits: Karin-chan

A smattering of fan reports from Twitter involving Karin-chan that piqued my interest.

[x] Release commemoration event at HMV Omiya - MiyaMiya (30th March 2017)
Miyazaki: Karin-chan has recently been saying things like 'I'm the cutest in the world!' And that was the very first thing she said to an interviewer who we were meeting for the very first time. I'm concerned, I don't want people to think of her as some strange kid
Miyamoto: It doesn't matter to me if I'm thought of as some strange kid~


[x][x][x] Talk event at Nishinomiya Gardens (23rd April 2017)
Karin-chan: Recently, when I looked up 'Cutest in Chiba', Miyamoto Karin came up as the top result. It's thanks to the support from all of you that I was able to win against the splendours of Chiba. Thank you very much!
Miyazaki: Talking about Chiba, there's also the person next to you. (points to Sayuki)
Takagi: I'm fine! Leave me alone!


[x][x][x][x] Release commemoration event at Funabashi (28th April 2017)
Karin-chan: I'm Chiba prefecture's angel, Miyamoto Karin.
Miyazaki: Karin-chan, in the first part, you said you were the Funassyi of the idol world, didn't you?
Karin-chan: Funassyi's a pear faerie, right? I'm an angel, so there's a difference.
Miyazaki: Have you stopped with saying that you're 'The cutest in Chiba'?
Karin-chan: It'd be a constant struggle to be number one. Just within H!P, there's Tsugunaga Momoko-san and Suzuki Airi-san. Then there's also our kouhai. I'd be competing with the lovely people of Chiba.
KanaTomo: We've got one in our group as well. Mention Sayuki's name!
Takagi: This is embarrassing.
Karin-chan: I'd say she's already in the hall of fame...
Miyazaki: Sayuki!?


Release commemoration talk event at Tower Records Grandtree Musashikosugi - Karin-chan (13th April 2017)
[xKarin-chan: If I say 'I'm an angel' when we go overseas, they'll say 'Oh, Crazy Girl', so I should stop doing that. (laughs)
[xKarin-chan: At the overseas performances, I don't want the fans overseas to be like 'Huh, it's just Juice=Juice...' I want to work hard so that they'll say 'It's Juice=Juice!!!' All you guys, come and do some sightseeing as well. Even if you can't come, please send us your power!

[x] Release commemoration event in Shizuoka - Karin-chan and Aarii (6th April 2017)
Karin-chan: Uemuu~ There's a differently coloured paper over here  (grinning)
Aarii: Hmm? Let's see. Eh? This is from 'Wants to be loved by Uemuu'-san?
Karin-chan: That's me!
Aarii: 'Please show with your whole body how much you love Karin-chan'... Who is this from~?
Karin-chan: Me!!!
Aarii: Yay! (Rips up the question paper)
Karin-chan *shock*
Aarii *ignores*
Karin-chan: I'm so sad! She ignored me!


[x][x][x] Release commemoration talk event at HMV & Books Tokyo Shibuya - Karin-chan and Aarii (10th April 2017)
Q. My parents keep on bugging me to get married. What should I do?
Karin-chan: There are many people who, even after getting on in years, get married to people younger than them, so it's completely fine.
Aarii: Don't you have someone who you enjoy being with?
Karin-chan: If they did, they wouldn't be here, would they? (laughs)
Aarii: What are you saying! That's impolite! This is a life question, isn't it?
Karin-chan: How old are you? (30 year old guy) Well, that's still fine. The people gathered here today don't have partners either. I can't say that it's true for everyone, but I'd guess about 80 percent.
Aarii: That's impolite!

[x] Juice=Juice LIVE AROUND 2017 ~NEXT ONE~ opening day at Shinjuku ReNY (2nd February 2017)
Karin-chan: Anyone here who went to Tsubaki Factory's events while Juice=Juice didn't have any activities?
(A few wota raise their hands)
Karin-chan: That's all right, you're honest. We'll see each other in our dreams.
Karin-chan: As for you who did go for their events but didn't raise your hands, I curse you with stomach pains.


[x] Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Code2→NEXT to YOU~ at Kashiwa (21st February 2016 Night show)
Miyamoto: Who watched the third episode of Budokan yesterday!?
(About 90% of the audience raises their hands)
Miyamoto: Oh! That's great! So, who didn't watch it?
(Here and there, some people raised their hands)
Miyamoto: Get lost!!!


[x] Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Code2→NEXT to YOU~ at Morioka (26th Feb 2016)
End of performance MC
Members: Karin, you were dazzling!
Miyamoto: Everyone's heads are what's dazzling!
Members: The heck!
(Wota laugh)


[x] Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Code2→NEXT to YOU~ at Kashiwa Palooza (21st Feb 2016)
Miyamoto: There's a Valentine's scene in Budokan, but I won't give [Valentine's gifts] in such a romantic way.
Audience: EHHH~
Miyamoto: I'll just leave my gifts on the desks of the staff members. You guys wouldn't want Karin's handmade chocolates either, right?
Audience: WE WOULD!
Miyamoto: I definitely won't give you any.
Audience: EHH!
Miyamoto: Our performances will more than beat mere chocolates.
Audience: OHHH!


Though I don't think anyone would complain about getting Valentine's goodies though. And the girls did give some out at their Valentine's concert - here's Karin's (source):

Love you - Karin
All fine and well, right?

Hmm, what's that? There's something written on the back?

Laced with poison

Only in your wildest dreams


[xRelease commemoration talk event at Tower Records Grandtree Musashikosugi (13th April 2017)

Q. Why are you so perfect as an idol?
Miyamoto: Can you say that after listening to me at (recent) talk events!? (laughs) Rather than saying I'm perfect, I'm just giving it my all. Tsunku♂-san often says 'Working hard is a given'.

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