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1001 Nights: The 11th Night (Second part) - 50 Questions to Suzuki Airi

On the 29th of September 2014, Suzuki Airi from ℃-ute held a talk event as part of the Hello! Shop 'A Thousand and One Nights' series of talk events, this being the eleventh night. The Twitter hashtag for the event was #あいりなう (Airi now).

This is the second part of that night's event, '50 Questions to Suzuki Airi'. Click here for my summary of the first part, 'Suzuki Airi's 10 songs'. Or if these interest you, why not take a look at other summaries of entries in this series of Hello! Shop talk shows?

References are made to a Taguchi-san, who I think is the MC/staff representative/manager.
Note that these were taken off fan reports on Twitter, so some liberties have been taken in stitching together the various reports to make a coherent whole, in addition to the inherent inaccuracies.

Taguchi commented that Airi seemed a bit tipsy at the earlier first part.
Airi: Since I've turned twenty, I've only had two cups of alcohol. I've been abstaining since then.
She also talked about what she ate for dinner in the break.
Airi: I just ate at Sukiya! Have all of you eaten as well? I had softboiled egg ground beef curry. Everyone, please give it a try after this is done. (laughs)
A fan tried out Airi's recommendation
Q1: Please tell us an amusing episode about the ℃-ute members.
Recently, there are days when MaiMai gets really excited.
Faced with that uncontrollable cuteness, I get excited too.

Q2: Which BeriKyuu member do you think has changed over these 10 years?
Sudo Maasa-chan.
She was quiet at the audition, and her hair was dyed brown.
Then she developed a motherly character and became a black-haired beauty.

Q3: What's the thing that ticked you off the most recently?
I was on the train recently, and I sat in an empty seat. However, the student in the seat next to mine was asleep, and that student's neck was in a horrible position. I got the shock of my life when that student's head suddenly came swinging at me from the side. It was like something out of a horror movie. However, I didn't get mad. I was just surprised.

Q4: Places that you can't go to by yourself.
I've gone alone to Sukiya, eating at the counter seats. I haven't tried going for karaoke alone before, but I'd probably be all right... I guess Disneyland might be impossible? I'd have no idea what to do if I attracted the attention of the people there. So Disneyland is the place that I can't go to alone. Nacky has gone to a zoo alone though.

Q5: Favourite Berryz Kobo song.
(Immediate reply) It's 'Dakishimete Dakishimete'! If anything, I like Shimizu Saki-chan's dance at the chorus! Besides that, 'Ai no Suki Suki Shishuu'... (Fumbles the song title)

Q6: Your current obsession?
I like Sukiya (Sukiya ga Suki ya)... If it's a brand, then Ungrid. I read the creator's blog, and got interested. Also, I bought JJ magazine since Aragaki Yui-san looked so cute on the front cover! From my school's co-op!

Q7: Please tell us about an episode that happened when you were staying over at a hotel.
℃-ute usually gets individual rooms, but Mai-chan and Chisato would always stay in the same room, so one room would be left empty. The rooms are arranged by priority of age, and when the two of them are in an adjoining room, I can hear them imitating entertainers until late at night. It makes me marvel at how energetic they are. The rest of us normally sleep alone.

Q8: You've gone on a date with Kanazawa Tomoko-chan, but what about Ishida Ayumi-chan?
We've always been promising one another, but Ayumin's busy and our schedules just don't match. Like she suddenly got pulled into a meeting for TV, and by the time she finished, it was already late at night and she had to head home. But we've made a promise. First thing we want to do is watch a movie.

Q9: Please tell us an episode concerning Takahashi Ai-san.
Before, we had a senpai-kouhai distance, so I couldn't even get close, even talking with her made me nervous.
Then, a long time ago, I was singing Akai Nikkichou together with 3 senpai at a Hello! Con. At the beginning I had the most singing parts, but since I couldn't sing it well, we changed it so that Takahashi-san would get the most singing parts. We practised together after that, just the two of us, and that time was pure bliss... It was like a dream.
So our manager was sending us back by car. He would be dropping off Takahashi-san first, but halfway through we stopped by at Mos Burger. The two of us were left alone for a while, and we started exchanging advice. After that, our manager went, 'So you exchanged advice, huh?' (blushes happily)
{Note: Another account mentions that they were heading back on the same bus together, rather than their manager sending them by car, but the tweet that mentioned going by car seemed a bit more fleshed out.}

Q10: Which is your favourite, YajiSuzu or SuzuMai?
The heck is up with that! The fans really like these kinds of things, don't you? I wonder why you're interested in who are our favourites, or our oshimen. Since we're all fellow members, I don't have any particular oshi or favourite.
Maimi-chan spends her time the same way as I do. It's comfortable being together with her.
I've been chatting with Mai-chan quite a lot recently. She's a friend I can consult with.

Q11: Which Hello! Pro members would you be interested in forming a unit with?
It's unlikely that I'll be able to get grouped with the senpai I look up to at Hello! Cons.
Well, outside of Hello! Cons, I don't get to sing with Sayashi-chan much. But there's still the chance that we'll be in a shuffle unit together.
Ah! Also! I don't want Buono! to be part of a shuffle! Since we aren't a shuffle unit!

Q12: How do you maintain your smooth skin?
I'm not perfect, so I had to go through a lot of trial and error.
The things I use are sold at the convenience store... But every day, I put face lotion on a piece of cotton before applying it to my face, and I put on a facial pack... (moves restlessly)
Also Rosette Paste, which was recommended to me by Risako and Miyabi-chan. Please try looking them up.

The cotton that Airi was talking about?
Q13: Let's practice speaking smoothly. Please recite the following 5 times.
(This question was contributed by 'Tokyo tokkyo kyoka kyokuchou no ko, ko Tokyo tokkyo kyoka kyokuchou' (lit. child of the Tokyo patent permission office's chief, the baby Tokyo patent permission office chief). When Airi was done reading out this tongue-biter, with a million slip-ups in between, she snapped her head towards the audience and went 'Who did this!')
Taguchi: You're being toyed with.
The tongue-twisters I'm good with are ones which have a rhythm to them. Like 'Shinjin Chanson Kashi no Shinshun Chanson Show' (The newcomer chanson singer's New Year chanson show)! (smug face)

Q14: If you were reborn as an athletic person, what sport would you like to become number 1 in the world?
I'd be happy to be number one in Japan, but I'd like to become a swimmer. 

Q15: Having performed rakugo, what's the next thing from Japan's traditional culture that you'd like to challenge?
I learnt a bit when I was in middle school, but I'd like to master the koto. I want to be playing it next to a rakugo actor.
Taguchi: You'd just be making a racket.

Q16: What's something important that you do in the middle of performances?
A long time ago, I had a habit of thinking about how to sing well while I was singing. But when I started acting and doing recorded work, I started to act in songs.
In fun, energetic songs like Saikou Music or Jump, I'm just the usual Suzuki Airi. But for mature songs and ballads, I get into the role. But I'm not acting.
Note that at this current tour, I'll be changing my bangs throughout the performance.

Q17: What words from a kouhai or from other idols have made you happy?
I hardly ever hear it directly, but at handshakes and the like, it honestly makes me super-duper happy deep inside when I'm told that there's another idol that likes me.
At Aomori, NMB's Milky-chan was going 'You're so cute!' and I was replying 'You're cute too!', that made me happy.
Ah, also Babymetal's Moa-chan! I got a birthday present from her. I gave her a voice message in response, through the staff.
Q18: Hello! Project Kenshuusei you're most interested in?
All of them are so cute! And when they're lined up on the cheering seats, they've memorised the moves perfectly. So if someone has to take a break, they can replace one another.
Previously I used to name Murota-chan, who's been showing remarkable growth.
Also, Sasaki-chan stands out. Sasaki-chan was amazing at the Hello! Con, she has such a presence.
Also, there's another girl that  ℃-ute's been particularly interested in recently... Funaki-chan! She's a real hard worker,
{This event was held about a week before Murota Mizuki and Sasaki Rikako were announced as part of S/mileage's 3rd generation, so they were still Kenshuusei at the time. Many congratulations to those girls!}

Q19: What country would you like to go to?
(Immediate reply) America! But it isn't easy to go.
Taguchi: It'd be okay if you went with family.
Eh? But it still isn't that easy to go, right?
Taguchi: You're a sensible adult, so it's all right.

Q20: Besides singing, eating, and sleeping, what do you like to do?
What? Are you making fun of me? (Audience laughs)
I do have some... Ummm... Ahhhh...
Like handicrafts, I've liked doing them since I was in primary school. Or window-shopping.
Ah! Also, dashing when transferring trains. Like, there's time to look up the train transfer schedule! So I look it up in an app, to see if I can get on an earlier train when I get close to the transfer station.
So, recently, when I was transferring trains, I looked it up, and there was a different train from my usual that would get me there earlier, so I got on it and was like 'Yeah!' But it turns out that I went up the wrong stairs and got on a different train. So it ended up being a 30 minute detour, and I was late to a rehearsal.

Q21: What something lucky that happened to you recently?
I'm sure there was one... But I can't remember... I guess I've forgotten... Yup...
The other day, I lost my Pasmo and my house keys. Someone picked it up and noticed that my bus pass was for a nearby school, so it was returned to my school.

Q22: When it comes to balancing between studies and ℃-ute, is there anything that you find tough?
I'm not worried about anything in particular. It was my decision to attend school and university, so complaining about it being tough would be disrespectful to the other members. It gets difficult during the exam period, but I'm glad that I'm doing it.
Since TV and things like that can be temptations, I've eliminated them, and I do my best.

Q23: What's a recent pun you've got confident in?
Chisato gave me 'Nasu ha Nigate janaissu' (I'm bad with eggplant), but I haven't used that one.
In the first place, puns aren't really funny, so you need fortitude to use them.

Q24: How did the members react to Sumo Nekota's sumo?
When I was thinking about what I'd be talking about in the morning, I didn't think this would come out. I changed completely while on screen, so I was really embarrassed and my face turned red. Maimi-chan watched it and put in a vote.

Q25: Do you read any other blogs besides ℃-ute's?
Oda-chan's. Her selfies are amazing, and I'd like to learn from her. She also writes about how to apply make-up, which is also amazing. I'm learning from her!

Q26: Recently I've come to like Airi-chan. (Airi immediately starts acting graceful, only to be shot down by Taguchi reminding her that she was acting like her usual derpy self up to then.) What's the best thing to do so that I can fall even more in love with Airi-chan.
Please don't watch the unpleasant videos. I'm really horrible in the Buono! bowling video, repeatedly going 'Gutter de gattagata' (The gutter is trembling). When I watch it now, it makes me think that I was such an idiot. But my mother says that when she watches it nowadays, it cheers her up.

Q27: Tell us about a time that a Hello! Pro member made you burn with jealousy,
Mai-chan left a comment in Takahashi Ai-san's book, and she got a book with a comment in return! I'm super jealous. I'm so vexed that I've decided that I'm not going to borrow it from her, but I'll buy it myself.

Q28: If all the Hello! Pro members were participating in a sumo tournament, who do you think would be first to lose, and who do you think would emerge the victor?
What are you going on about? (laughs) The one who'd lose immediately would be Iikubo-chan. If it were amongst the members of ℃-ute, Okai would be the last person standing. She knows butt sumo techniques. But from Hello! Pro, the person who seems most likely to win... It'd be Zukki, with a smile on her face!

Q29: Did you ever have any hardships when it came to singing, dancing, or outfits?
In the case of singing, my throat started maturing from my 6th year of primary school until the 3rd year of middle school, so I had to do some trial and error. I hardly ever catch colds though.
When it comes to outfits, recently the members having been coming out with our own opinions, so the outfitters are able to catch ℃-ute's special features. It seems that the outfitters' current policy is 'Not too flashy, not too unremarkable'.

Q30: Favourite bento ingredient?
I guess it'd have to be my mother's special karaage. It's delicious even when it's cold.
I'm in the sweet tamagoyaki camp. I also like onigiri made from seasoned rice, and cooked with various ingredients, it's delicious.

Q31: What non-H!P song would you like to sing if you get to do another solo event?
Though I have to really practice, I'd sing something by Ariana Grande. If it's a dinner show, then I'd sing Matsuda Seiko-san's 'Anata ni Aitakute'.

Q32: How was the ℃-ute no Hi Budokan? What impressions did it leave behind?
It was our second time there, but it felt different from last year.
I had my hair up in a ponytail. I checked with the staff whether it would be better to let my hair down or do a ponytail... It's been a while, and it felt a bit embarrassing, since you could see the nape of my neck.
Also, we sang 'Rock no Kamisama'. I'd cry if I'd had the time to stop and think about it, so I sang with everything I had.
The members of Buono! discussed it, and we made a decision that we'd perform 'Kiss Kiss Kiss' and 'Rock no Kamisama'. Singing 'Rock no Kamisama' at the Budokan~~~ All sorts of things happened, and it makes me want to cry.
(One tweet commented that when she talks about Buono!, the tone and strength of her voice changes.)

Q33: Do you have a method for warding off sleepiness at school?
(Immediately) It's impossible! I'm the kind of person who doesn't need sleeping medication my whole life. Isn't sleep relatively important? During the exam period, I sleep early and rise early.
(Upon finding out that the person asking is taking exams) Is it okay for you to be here?

Q34: At Hello! Cons, what song do you dance to the most while you're sitting in the cheering seats?
For 'Koi shitai Shintou' or 'Crying', the small movements are fun. 'Crying' is speedy, so there's this sense of achievement you get while dancing it.
I also had to memorise 'Wagamama Ki no mama Ai no Joke' for the Hello! Con. I made quite a lot of eye contact with Ikuta in the song.
Make sure you have a look when Ayumin turns back in 'Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku'. There was once when she messed up the timing (laughs).

Q35: Please tell us an amusing story from the Buono! radio recording.
Have they aired the mackerel story?
(Venue remains quiet)
You don't listen to it, do you!?
Miya said that she had a mackerel with 2 bones! She even took a photo and showed it to us. Momo and I were like 'Wow, you're right~!' Though we managed to end it telling her that she'd got it wrong. So listen to it, okay?
Anyway, recently, after our Hello! Con at Hokkaido, we had mackerel at the celebratory party. Berryz and ℃-ute were sitting pretty far apart, but Momo called out, asking 'Airi---! How many bones does it have--?!!', and I replied '2 bones!' Miya just grunted and nodded in approval.

Q36: What's going through your mind when you're making those strange movements or behaving strangely?
Hmm, it's not like I'm doing it because I want to.
But because of Cool Hello, I've been told by the superiors to MC properly.

Q37: What do you do to maintain your figure?
Don't eat after you've overeaten. But if you force yourself to diet, you'll become fat. Try to find a method that'll let you maintain it in your own way.
When it comes to shaping the waist, dance countless times to Kara's 'Mister', until your hips get sore.
Also, it isn't good to refrain from eating, especially when you're visiting other places.
If you wear clothes that excessively cover up your body lines, you'll get spoilt and use that to cover any weight gain. So go for skinny fits.

Below, Aichan and LinLin show you how the dance goes.
At 0:15, Aichan mentions that Airi's good at it ; ) 

Q38: What something that's important to do every day?
I'm the type that fills up my schedule beforehand. However, I also think that it's important to have days without anything planned, as a break. So there are days where I've got nothing in my schedule. But I can't spend time doing nothing, and my curiosity gets the better of me, so I'll decide to take a walk or go to the supermarket. I've talked about this with Maimi-chan and Mai-chan, but you can enjoy and gain happiness from the trivial, ordinary things in life.

Q39: Recently it's just been Kumai-chan doing Matchaz activities alone, please tell us about your future plans and matcha treats that you've had recently?
I couldn't make it when Kumai-chan went to Kyoto, but I didn't expect that Kumai-chan would go alone. When we first started, we didn't have any plans... but I'd like to continue with it. As to what matcha-related treat I've had lately... Starbucks' matcha latte? Also Koots'!

Q40: Which member would you choose as a boyfriend?
This again? You fans really like these sorts of questions, don't you?
As a girlfriend, Mai-chan. As a boyfriend, Maimi-chan.
Even from a girl's point of view, Mai-chan's really pretty.
While Maimi-chan would be a good looking guy, reliable and pleasant to be together with.
Though recently Maimi-chan has started being childish, and we've messing around as YajiSuzu.

Q41: How do you maintain your lovely hair? Do you do something to it after getting out of the bath?
I just wash my hair... and dry it.
Taguchi: Thank you very much.
Wait a second, first of all, you have to dry it properly, it'll get stiff otherwise.
There's some oil from a beauty shop which I use every day.

Q42: What are your impressions of Moritaka Chisato-san?
When I saw her backstage at a concert, decked in an idol outfit, I thought that I'd like to become like her.
She was born on the exact same day as my mother! However, she seems really young. I think my mother would give off a completely different vibe if she was standing on-stage in the same outfit (laughs).

Q43: Have you been playing the guitar recently?
Well well well... I've kind of been playing it and I kind of haven't... Please don't ask about it.

Q44: Favourite hairstyle?
Curled and let down, like in Buono!'s 'Deep Mind'. It's easy to perform in.

Q45: How do you maintain your figure? {Yes, this is the 2nd time it's been asked.}
Make use of the weighing scales! If you're interested in it you could try always being concious about keeping your stomach tucked in at all times. I asked a previous manager-san who was slim how she did it, and she told me that she was holding back her tummy.

Q46: I'm going for voice training, but I can't hit the high notes. I'd also like to switch to falsettos nicely. What should I do?
I'm not that good at low tones though. We needed to hit high notes for 'As One', and then 'Bishoujo Shinri', 'Zansho', and 'Kanashiki Heaven'. My voice had to gradually go higher and higher, and so it expanded to fit.
For falsettos, when I was in Buono!, I got taught that if you sing the parts you're bad at with your tongue flattened out between your teeth, that would expand your throat. You could start by practising that?
There are practice methods as well for changing from a falsetto back to a normal voice.
At the start, take care since it might be easy for your throat to dry out.

Q47: What is an idol to you?
Something like, I want to be in a position where you can almost touch me with your hands, yet you still can't reach me. Without getting too close to other idols, I'd like us to influence one another to work hard. Something like that? Like, 'Airi-chan's working hard, so I have to work hard too'. That's how I'd like to be.

Q48: Who's the best at catching what you're saying? The person who's best at following along your stories.
All of ℃-ute can understand my words, since they're familiar with me. It's impossible for Buono! though.
Other people usually can't follow, and respond by going 'I didn't catch that'.
Ah! Also, you know about Siri, on the iPhone? She can understand me!

Q49: Favourite outfit you've worn so far.
How many have I worn so far? Let's see, I like the Union Jack with red tartan outfit that I wore as Buono!
I also like the light blue sequined outfits that we used at the ℃-ute and S/mileage joint concert.
And the pirate outfits, I liked those too! From the Treasure Box tour.

Q50: Do you have any plans to shorten your forelocks?
I'd like to keep it long, so I'm planning to keep it as it is.
I discovered a wig shop in Shinjuku, where I bought detachable bangs. With those on, I can play around with having bangs.

Airi's parting words
So this is how the 'Thousand and One Nights' events are like. I thought we'd be doing something like moon viewing.

Source: @tozamasan@tfc8, @nanashikakka@undo_haccahttp://togetter.com/li/725944http://matomeldo.doorblog.jp/archives/41090393.html

This was the first part of that night's event. I've also made a summary of the second part, '50 Questions to Suzuki Airi'. Also, if these interest you, why not take a look at other summaries of entries in this series of Hello! Shop talk shows?

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