Monday, 27 October 2014

MM 12th gen in UTB

We are the 12th generation of Morning Musume.!

The 12th generation were newly inducted into Morning Musume. on the 30th of September.
Amidst the nervousness of this being their 3rd photo shoot, we're bringing out their photos earlier than anywhere else!!
You have to check out these 4 girls, spilling over with a uniqueness somewhat different to what we've had before~★

It seems that they're able to show solidarity as generation-mates

Congratulations for successfully making it into the 12th generation!

Ogata: Our graduation announcement was a video letter from Michishige-san. Quite a while had passed since the final judging, so really, the mention of 'passing' caught me completely by surprise.

Nonaka: I too had no idea what was going on for a moment, my head just blanked out.

Makino: Since I'd thought 'I won't get in', I didn't know what to feel.

Haga: In my case, the moment of the announcement was to be recorded, and when I got home, the cameramen-san were in my living room. I thought I had entered the wrong house (laughs).

It seems like that's how it was for the 2 of you who were active as part of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei, since it would be excessive for the 2 got in through general application. By the way, what was the reaction of those around you?

All: We got hundreds of messages on LINE!!!

Indeed, that's definitely how kids of the current age would respond. That would be from friends?

Ogata: It feels like a lot were from friends of friends......

Haga: A senpai from my friend's club asked for an autograph. But since I still haven't come up with a signature, I haven't written it though.

It'll become even tougher after this. By the way, ranging from the 1st year of middle school up to the 1st year of senior high, you're each separated by an academic year......

Makino: As generation-mates, our ages don't really matter, we have to show solidarity.

Nonaka: Since I like Chelsea candy, my generation-mates have started calling me Chelsea (laughs).

Haga: The 4 of us are cheerful.

Michishige-san is graduating next month. As part of Morning Musume., how would you like to turn out?

Nonaka: I'd like to become someone with high professional awareness like Sayashi-san! And I'd like to polish the sense of rhythm that I acquired from my activities overseas.

Ogata: I'm filled with uneasiness since I don't have any experience singing or dancing, so I'll have to put in a lot of effort to catch up.

Haga: There's a need for me to level up my skills. Since I'm no longer a Kenshuusei. 

Makino: My dream is to become a lovely lady like Michishige-san.

It seems to fit each of you individually, perhaps there's been a mistake...... Let's put our expectations on the 12th generation from now on!

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