Sunday, 19 October 2014

Twitter Tidbits #6

A friend's concern
Tsunku♂ recently reported that his cancer had made a reappearance. Here are some words from Taisei, his Sharam Q bandmate.
I was shocked when I first heard the report、
But it flooded me with relief when I heard that the operation had turned out successfully, without a hitch。
We're ea~gerly awaiting for him to return to good health and make a comeback lol
To everyone who worried for him、 thank you so very much!
So that he'll return to health as soon as possible、
Please, let's all give him our support

Ah、 that tweet、 it was about Tsunku-chan。

{Tsunku♂ himself tweeted a message to abate concerns.}

Everyone、 I made you worry! But、 I'm doing fine!

Maachan with bangs 
{Yes please}
@866__idol@345__chan Am I the only one who thinks Maachan with bangs is the best? lol
@345__chan When I was at a station and happened to pass by Maachan, with bangs, I muttered under my breath, 'How cute'.

Not forgetting your roots
@sa8m1znsan: Ume-san, which artiste do you recommend?
@umeda_erika: ℃-ute!

{Yokoyama Yui tries messaging Sasshi}

Yuihan: Ah, Rie-chan is alwaze (itsuma)
Yuihan: ulwaze (atsuma)
Yuihan: alwaze (itsuma)
Yuihan: always (itsumo)
Yuihan: OMG, these typos
Sasshi: Typohan

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