Sunday, 22 February 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #16 Nonaka Miki

H!P's resident gorilla lover Nakanishi Kana tosses the blog relay banana to Nonaka Miki.

(Original blog post in Japanese)

HELLO, this is Nonaka Miki!
The blog relay came around to me yesterday from ANGERME's Nakanishi Kana-san!!

Nakanishi-san is kind and funny
It made me happy when she started talking to me, as I'm shy and the type of person who doesn't really take the initiative to talk to people!

And what's more, she praised my singing
That made me happy~ But I'm still bad at it, so I'll do my best!! I always think that, when Nakanishi-san sings 『Otome no Gyakushu』 in her low voice, it's really cool~

And my Nakanishi-san oshi little sister was super excited

Well then! The theme of the blog relay is
『Is It Just Me?』

And so! For me… I own lots of clocks

Since waking up is hard for me…(/ _ ; )
My special skill is falling back to sleep four times… But、 the slow-to-prepare Nonaka-san has to wake up early!!

Recently I've been falling asleep again, so the number of new clocks has increased by one
Though I haven't set it up

These 4 clocks are placed in the corners of my room
Every day、 I set the alarms on these clocks、 I also set the alarm clock on my phone, and go to sleep

This bothersome practice、 I'm sure it's just me… Time is precious

Even having done that、 I wonder how many clocks you'd normally have in a room?…
Please tell me!

It'll go around to ANGERME's Aikawa Maho-san
Aikawa-chan、 just before the final Hello! Con、 we linked hands and said 「Good luck」 to one another
My nerves were calmed…
Aikawa-chan is so on-the-clouds that when I'm together with her, a smile naturally comes to my face、 and I calm down

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