Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The name of H!P 8 person new unit is 「Kobushi Factory」 Elegance and strength

On the 25th, the name of the 8 person new unit under female idol collective 「Hello! Project」 has been decided as 「Kobushi Factory」。 The formation of the new unit was announced at the New Year's performance that was held on the 2nd of January at Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo。

 For the origin of the unit's name、 there is the 「elegance」 of the magnolia kobushi、 the flower of Japanese origin which blooms with an abundance of white flowers、 informing you of the advent of spring、 while at the same time the name has the meaning of the desire for the group to possess a 「strength」 that is symbolised by a 「clenched fist (nigirikobushi)」、 those are the thoughts behind it。 「Friendship」「Trust」「Welcome」 in the language of flowers、 by mutually deepening their 「friendship」 and having 「trust」、 they aim to be a group who are 「welcoming」。

 Also、 the 「Factory」 includes the meaning of inheriting the soul of 「Berryz Kobo (Berryz Factory)」 that will go on hiatus。

 The name selection included Shimizu Saki (23) who will assume the role of 「Hello! Project Advisor」 after the hiatus of 「Berryz Kobo」。

 「Kobushi Factory」 is composed of 8 people、 Fujii Rio (15) Hirose Ayaka (15) Nomura Minami (15) Ogawa Rena (14) Hamaura Ayano (14) Taguchi Natsumi (14) Wada Sakurako (13)Inoue Rei (13)。 With the exception of Fujii who is in her 1st year of senior high, all of them are in middle school。  At9 p.m. today on the broadcast of the Hello! Project Official  WEB video programme 「HaroSute」, a video of the moment of the name announcement will be aired。

 From the 26th of March at Ikebukuro's 「BIG TREE THEATER」 in Tokyo,  the curtains will be raised for 「Kobushi Factory」's musical 「Week End Survivor」 、 and there will be advance sales of their first DVD single 「Nen ni ha Nen/ Survivor」 limited only to the venue。

[ 25th February 2015 6:00 p.m. ]

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