Sunday, 8 February 2015

Juice=Juice's comments before their 2nd anniversary concert

● Miyazaki Yuka(From Ishikawa Prefecture ・ 20/Leader)
We've always been aiming to go around all 47 prefectures through our livehouse tour、 and meeting fans from various localities、 I think that it would be great if someday, we could perform a concert at a venue where everyone's gathered up in one shot。

● Kanazawa Tomoko (From Saitama Prefecture ・ 19/Subleader)
With the graduation of Michishige Sayumi-san who led at MCs、 and the impending graduation of Tsugunaga Momoko-san, I was thinking that 「Next it'll be me!」、 but when I heard stories about her joining in Country Girls as well, I was like 「Ah、 Tsugunaga-san will be around, huh……」 (laughs) I'd like to polish my talking skills to the level that I won't lose to Tsugunaga-san、 and not be told that I'm bad at talks!

● Takagi Sayuki(From Chiba Prefecture ・ 17)
As a year with huge changes happening in H!P、 we can't just continue to rely on our freshness、 so I'd like to do my best to have performances you can't tear your eyes from, that'll make you like us。Ishikawa Prefecture's Yuzu Shoujo Cider was delicious!

● Miyamoto Karin (From Chiba Prefecture ・ 16)
My hair's gradually gotten shorter since our début (laughs) It's the shortest in H!P。 I think that it's nice to have an impact、 and I'll do my best in 2015 having done this image change! Now there's a short-cut boom、 I'd like to aim to be a stand-out presence within that。

● Uemura Akari (From Osaka Metropolitan Area ・ 16)
I'd like to do my best to improve myself。 We get to go around the country through our tour、 and we get to eat delicious things、 so I've gained meat at places where I shouldn't……  I think I'd like to maintain a figure that'll look good whenever anyone sees it、 and I'd like my nails and such to be pretty、 always appearing perfect。

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