Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Direct Hit to the new members! - Hamaura Ayano (From Top Yell March 2015 Edition)

Hama-chan: 'Overthrow Country! I'd like us to have a spirited fight!!'
I'd like the 8 of us, with personalities all-over-the-place, to join forces

Still without songs nor outfits, and even without a group name, I think it would be difficult for Hama-chan to explain in-depth about the group. Having said that, what sort of group would you like to become, what are your aspirations beyond this?

I'd like us to be a high-spirited group! As you say, the current state of the group is that nothing's started, but we've got a lot of girls in a world of their own, with preferences that are all over the place, each and every one of us has their own individual character. While that's something good, something I'd like to treasure, I'd like to show how energetic we are, with matching smiles. It'd be the same for songs as well, I'd be happy if we could do cheerful songs. Juice=Juice does mature songs, but over here we've got lots of child-like members (laughs).

From now on, all of you are in this group of newcomers, would you say that your eyes are on a major début?

Yes, that would be the case.

Speaking about newcomers, your members are have experience from the H!P Kenshuusei and Nice Girl Trainees. Is there pressure on you, due to expectations from your ready-to-deploy status?

On things like pressure, I feel that it seems to feel that way. It's just that, honestly, I don't want to lose to Country Girls! We came up at around the same time, and I think we'll be compared, no matter what. We're really aware of it.

Oh! The aggressive Colonel Hama-chan has appeared.

It's just that the other party have amazing people with them, like Satoda Mai-san and Tsugunaga Momoko-san. They're really strong. They're really strong, but I'd like the 8 of us to bring our forces together and set our sights on 'Overthrowing Country Girls!'.

That was sarcasm, right? With the Tsugunaga-san that you love and respect in the other camp, you can't bring them down......

Of course I love and respect Tsugunaga-san, but......

That's right (laughs). This time, 20 new people have joined Hello! Project, are there any members that you're particularly concious of?

Murota Mizuki-chan, I guess. Her singing and dancing was at a high level even when she was in the Kenshuusei, so I really feel like I don't want to lose to her.

Well then, it still hasn't been decided at this time, but personally for Hamaura-san, what expectations do you have about your group name?

I think it might be nice if it was a name that incorporated kanji, hiragana, katakana, English, and symbols.

Everything! Please don't say such preposterous things (laughs).

Sorry (laughs). But, I'd like a group that incorporates all sorts of factors. Even now, I still can't make any predictions about how we'll turn out, but I'd like to expand our possibilities.

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