Saturday, 7 February 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #2 Ozeki Mai

Continuing from H!P Leader, we have H!P's youngest, Country Girls' Ozeki Mai, picking up the baton!

(Original Japanese post)

The HinaFes Blog Relay、
It got kicked-off by ℃-ute's Yajima Maimi-san

And what do you know、 I got nominated by Yajima-san、、!!

Wha、 I never would have thought that my name would be the very first to be nominated、

So I was surprised、!!

And、 I was really happy ♡♡

Being nominated by Yajima-san, whom I look up to、、♡

When I heard it, I was shocked, and then I was spellbound、、! lol

Yajima-san、 thank you for nominating me!!

I'll take it up firmly!!  lol

Well、and、 the theme for this year's Blog relay is、

『Is It Just Me?!』

What could it be、

Now with the Hello! Cons and what not、 we get to go throughout the nation、

But when we're on a vehicle en-route, I don't fall asleep and keep on talking with the member next to me!! lol

You know、 I think that even when we're on the move, the time I spend with the members around is precious、 so wouldn't it be a waste to go to sleep!? That's what I think! lol

However、 when I call out with a small voice 'You know whatー!'、

Inaba Manaka-chan、 and Yamaki Risa-chan

Are already in senior high、 so of course they listen to things like music, right??

And yet、 when we continue to talk it feels like we chat at length though、、 lol

But、 in the end they'll chat with Mai、 all of them!♡

I love all the Country Girls!♡

Ah、 my story kind of went astray、、

In short、 am I the only one who always talks while we're in transit?!

That's it。 lol

Right! Well then、 the baton that I've succeeded from Yajima-san
Where will it go to nextー?

I think I'd like to hand it over to Morning Musume。’15's Ikuta Erina-san!!

When I saw Ikuta-san on variety shows on the telly last year、 she was really funnyー!!

You know、 thinking about it、 now we're already standing on the same stage!(°_°)

It's unbelievable, right!!、、

What's more、 Ikuta-san is Morning Musume。’15's subleader、 so I think that from now on、 I'll be under her care a lot at Hello! Cons and such、

So I'd like to learn all sorts of things from Ikuta-san!!

And、 with that、 I

Nominate Morning Musume。’15's Ikuta Erina-san!!

Who will it get to nextー? Look forward to it!^ ^

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