Monday, 23 February 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #18 Morito Chisaki

From Aikawa Maho, the blog relay spins around to Morito Chisaki.

(Original blog post in Japanese)

The Blog relay has come along to me via Aikawa Maho-san~( ^ω^ )

I started getting along with Maho-chan at the Hello! Con (^^)♡

Now we're friends to the extent then we'll definitely chat when we meet (^^)!!

We hardly ever see one another now that the Hello! Cons have ended、 so I'd like to hang out together next time!!! lol

The topic is、、、

『Is It Just Me?』!!

No matter how down in the dumps I am、 if there's someone who's excited, I get carried along and become excited myself!

Is it just me?? lol

Next will be Juice=Juice's Uemura Akari-san。

Uemura-san's really cute!!!

She was really funny when she was sitting on the seat behind me on the Shinkansen!!

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