Sunday, 12 July 2015

Momochi on how she planned her future

― 「Momochi-senpai」 acquired her teaching licence at university、 and graduated without a hitch。
Tsugunaga: With some influence from my father、I made the decision to continue on studying at university in the future。 What's more、 I enjoyed being at school。 I earnestly contemplated about my path when I was in my 2nd year of senior high、 as my friends were talking about their futures, which made me feel like「I've got to give it some serious thought too」。 
Of course、 I was a member of Berryz Kobo at the time、 and those activities were important as well、 but it was because I thought there were a lot of things that I would like to learn not just as 「Momochi」、 but as 「Tsugunaga Momoko」。
I looked for a university that would let my studies be centred around my aspiration of being a primary school teacher。 I found universities that would allow me to attend while working、 but I was unable to participate in things like open campuses due to work concerns、 and reading university materials、 I narrowed down my university choices while discussing it with my parents。 I would start studying for tests from 9 at night after I was done with work。 At times, it would go to the extent that I would immerse myself in my studies at a family restaurant together with my mother。 
As a result of making efforts to be frugal with sleep time、 I remember being overjoyed when I passed。 
Securing time was really tough、 as I chased after a balance between university activities and work、 but I think both were accomplished perfectly、 and in addition to a primary teacher's licence、 I also acquired a kindergarten teacher's licence。 There were tough times、 but I think it was great that I was able to graduate without a hitch。
Source: Shinro Navi


  1. Wow. You don't realise exactly how intelligent Momo is. She really is a senior to look up to. Thanks for translating

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is Momochi the first idol in H!P to study up to university while still continuing idol activities? If I recall correctly, Airi and some other idols (I can't remember who) in H!P are also pursuing further studies now, but Momochi was the one who showed it was possible?

    1. As far as I can tell, yes, I believe that Momochi's the only H!P idol who has finished university while remaining an idol. If memory serves, active H!P idols currently enrolled in university are Airi, Ayacho, and Maro. Kumai-chan entered university while she was in Berryz, and she did talk about wanting to finish her studies when asked about her plans post-hiatus. Miyazaki Yuka chose to drop out of university to focus on her idol career.