Monday, 27 July 2015

Takeda Rena: 100 questions and answers (Part 1)

Q1.  Hobbies?
A1. Watching anime

Q2. Special Skills?
A2. Rubik's Cube

Q3. Your personality in a single word!
A3. Shy

Q4. Favourite food?
A4. Sweet food、 Meat、 Salmon
Q5. Food you dislike?
A5. Spicy stuff

Q6. Favourite onigiri filling?
A6 . Finely chopped katsuobushi

Q7. What do you like about your body?
A7. My fingers!

Q8. Do you take after your father? Or mother?
A8. I think I resemble both of them

Q9. Your bad habits?
A9. Kicking about with my legs
Q10.  Favourite phrase?
A10.  I see。 Indeed。

Q11.  Best & worst subject?
A11.  Like…PE  Dislike… Japanese、 English

Q12.  School club?
A12.  I was in the soft tennis club in middle school!
Q13.  Your dream when you were small?
A13. Person in charge of rearing pandas

Q14.  What sort of girl were you?
A14.  A quiet girl

Q15. How do you spend your days OFF?
A15. Watching anime。 Hanging out with friends!
Q16. Places you often shop at?
A16. Shibuya、 Shinjuku、 Harajuku

Q17. Brands you like recently?

Q18. What do you wear at home?
A18. A gelato piqué get-up!
Q19. How do you kill time?
A19. Nekoatsume(mobile game)、 Love Live

Q20. Favourite song?
A20.  Shiina Pikarin-san's 'Dogezanai'
Goose House-san's 'Hikaru nara'
Sako Tomohisa-san's 'Kira Kira'
Q21. These are the things you'd like to do before you die!
A21.  Ride a hot-air balloon ・ Ride a camel ・ See fireflies ・ Go rock-climbing ・ Build a treehouse ・ Airsoft

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