Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Takeda Rena: 100 questions and answers (Part 2)

Q22.  Person you use as your fashion reference?
A22. Honda Tsubasa-san!

Q23. What's important to you personally when it comes to make-up?
A23. Eyes and cheeks

Q24. Which prefecture would you like to visit?
A24. Hokkaido!
Q25. Something that you must have in your bag
A25. Purse ・ Make-up kit ・ Perfume ・  Charger

Q26. 3 things you'd bring to an uninhabited island
A26.  Friends ・ A ship ・ Mobile phone

Q27. I can't live without this!
A27. Friends!
Q28. Thing you want the most now!
A28. A rucksack!

Q29. What was the most embarrassing thing in your life?
A29. Mistaking escalators and ending up going up and down……
Q30. What surprised you the most in your life?
A30. I went to a haunted house、 and my ankle suddenly got grabbed

Q31. What was the toughest experience in your life?
A30. Separating from the cat I had brought up when I went to Tokyo
Q32. Most fun experience in your life?
A32. Going to Universal Studios Japan for the first time with my friends

Q33. Most happy experience in your life?
A33. Fan letters I got from fans
Q34. Favourite Movie?
A34. Live-action Lupin the 3rd ・ Saint Young Men ・ Tamako Love Story

Q35. Do you watch movies at home? At the cinema?
A35. If I had to pick one、 I often watch movies at home
Q36. Favourite book、 manga?
A36. Kiiroi Zou ・ Sakura Trick

Q37.  Favourite colour?
A37.  White

Q38.  What animal do you resemble?
 A38. A cat, probably
Q39.  What do you find scary、 something you can't handle?
A39.  Ghosts、 spiders、 spicy stuff

Q40. Your method of releasing stress?
A40. Watching my favourite anime makes me forget!

Q41.  Place you're most relaxed in?
A41.  Home ♡
Q42. What's your fetish?
A42. Hand fetish!

Q43. Method of rising back up when you're down in the dumps?
A43. Watching anime!

Q44. Favourite anime?
A44. Love Live ・ Kantai Collection - KanKore-

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