Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Momochi no Kimochi - Delusional Theatre of Love - Encounter edition

I'd like to have this sort of romance!
A Momochi-style romance simulation

Encounter edition

I am Tsugunaga Momoko. Nickname: Momochi. My hobbies are reading and watching DVDs. But if I just shut myself in at home, it's hard to encounter anyone...... And so, I went to the rental store by myself to pick out some DVDs. Hohoho~

I'd already checked out the new releases, so I was going to rent them today. 'Ah, this one! I've always wanted to watch it!'

The moment I stretched out to take it, another large hand reached out for it at the same time.
'Oops, I'm sorry.'

It was a guy that I'd never seen before. He only said 'I'm fine, you can have it' and went off. Though he did seem eager to watch it as well. Was it really all right for me to take it?

The next day, as I was walking in town, thinking about the DVD that I'd watched yesterday, a guy suddenly turned the corner and we collided into one another! Ouchie~☆

'I'm sorry, are you injured?'

'I'm fine. Sorry, I was spacing out as well.'

As the two of us picked up our scattered belongings, we passed our things to one another.

'Thank you. I've got to hurry, so excuse me. I'm really sorry.'

Eh? Could it be, yesterday's...? No no, that's too much of a coincidence. Right?
Oh no! Regardless of what happened, if I don't hurry, I'll miss my train!
I dashed off to the station, and took out my pass case from my bag.
However, something felt a bit off.

'Hmm? This isn't mine! It's that guy's!'

In it was that guy's licence, and a Berryz Kobo fan club membership card.

'Is this...... destiny?'

Tsugunaga Momoko Photo Essay "Momochi no Kimochi" / Momoko Tsugunaga
Momoko Tsugunaga

Saturday, 25 February 2017

[2ch] Time for the first H!P Quiz. What does this list of numbers represent?

1 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/11/06(日) 22:36:59.72 0.net

2 :ゎゎふふ子@\(^o^)/:2016/11/06(日) 22:38:31.48 0.net
We can't get it with just that

3 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/11/06(日) 22:39:21.19 0.net
I get it

4 :ゎゎふふ子@\(^o^)/:2016/11/06(日) 22:41:33.59 0.net
How are we supposed to know?

5 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/11/06(日) 22:42:43.53 0.net
Number of goods received

6 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/11/06(日) 22:42:49.46 0.net
The birthdays of current Musume。?

8 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/11/06(日) 22:43:12.57 0.net
You got it

7 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/11/06(日) 22:43:01.95 0.net
Don't make it into a quiz if it's easy to figure out
I think that was just about right though

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Maruwakari Summer 2016: Makino Maria

With her overwhelming figure and aura
She truly is an idol!
Q1. Who is your favourite H!P member (including OGs)?
Michishige Sayumi-san ♥ She's the cutest in the world, in the Universe, and she's really nice...♥ I'll eternally admire her.

Q2. What H!P song would you like to sing solo?
'Seventeen's Vow' (℃-ute)
Because I love this song, and ℃-ute's Nakajima Saki-san was super duper cute in it.

Q3. Among the (current) H!P members, who would you like to go to the sea with, and what would you do?
I'd like to play beach volleyball with ANGERME's Takeuchi Akari-san, and swim lots in the sea! And I'd like to finish it with a baseball showdown!

Q4. Who is the 'summer girl' amongst the (current) H!P members?
℃-ute's Yajima Maimi-san. Summer, summer, summer... When I think about summer, Yajima-san pops to mind! By instinct!

Q5. If you were to come out with a photobook, please tell us where you'd like to go and what you'd like to do.
My favourite WDW (Walt Disney World). I'd like to add a Disney craze trip as well!

Q6. What is your treasure?
My home. I can't pick a single treasure...
Since a lot of them are in my home, I'll go for my home!

Q7. Is there anything that you'd like to make a start on?
Batting practice. When I was doing a photoshoot, I went to a batting grounds for the first time, and hit a ball that flew so far that it might have been a home run. So I think I'll do my best at that!!!

Q8. Please make a new unit by picking a person from each group.
℃-ute's Hagiwara Mai-san I love her, she's cute and kind ♥
ANGERME's Sasaki Rikako-chan We've always wanted to be in a unit together, from way back ♥
Juice=Juice's Takagi Sayuki-san She's good at singing and dancing ♥ Takagi-san's so cool ♥
Country Girls' Tsugunaga Momoko-san When you think idols, you think of Tsugunaga-san ♥ She's so cute ♥
Kobushi Factory's Fujii Rio-chan, It's fun to be with Rio, please stay that way ♥
Tsubaki Factory's Kishimoto Yumeno-chan I've been together with Yumeno ever since we took the 11ki auditions, and she's been my rival since then.

Q9. Please tell us what's the best thing about your own group.
Our decisive formation dances! We went over them together time and time again to make to make them perfect! Not even a single slip-up is allowed!

Finally, please give a message to all the fans
Please have a lovely summer in 2016
Makino Maria

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Maruwakari Summer 2016: Favourite H!P member

Hello! Project Maruwakari BOOK 2016 SUMMER / Hello! Project

Q1. Who is your favourite H!P member (including OGs)?

Yajima MaimiTokunaga Chinami
Nakajima SakiIshikawa Rika
Suzuki AiriTakahashi Ai
Okai ChisatoFujimoto Miki
Hagiwara MaiGoto Maki
Morning Musume。´16
Fukumura MizukiKamei Eri & Tsugunaga Momoko
Ikuta ErinaNiigaki Risa
Iikubo HarunaMichishige Sayumi
Ishida AyumiMichishige Sayumi
Sato MasakiTanaka Reina and Michishige Sayumi
Kudo HarukaTanaka Reina and Okai Chisato
Oda SakuraNakajima Saki and Inaba Manaka
Ogata HarunaSayashi Riho
Nonaka MikiSayashi Riho
Makino MariaMichishige Sayumi
Haga AkaneTanaka Reina (current member: Kudo Haruka)
Wada AyakaTakahashi Ai-led Platinum Musume。
Nakanishi KanaOkai Chisato
Takeuchi AkariYajima Maimi
Katsuta RinaMichishige Sayumi
Murota MizukiNomura Minami
Aikawa MahoWada Ayaka
Sasaki RikakoTakahashi Ai and Kudo Haruka
Kamikokuryo MoeSuzuki Kanon
Miyazaki YukaYajima Maimi & Nakajima Saki
Kanazawa TomokoSuzuki Airi
Takagi SayukiTanaka Reina
Miyamoto KarinNiigaki Risa
Uemura AkariSayashi Riho
Country Girls
Tsugunaga MomokoYasuda Kei
Yamaki RisaMichishige Sayumi
Morito ChisakiSayashi Riho
Ozeki MaiMiyamoto Karin
Yanagawa NanamiMichishige Sayumi
Funaki MusubuTakahashi Ai (current member: Miyamoto Karin)
Kobushi Factory
Fujii RioYajima Maimi
Hirose AyakaNiigaki Risa and Fukuda Kanon
Nomura MinamiWada Ayaka
Ogawa RenaKudo Haruka
Hamaura AyanoTsugunaga Momoko
Taguchi NatsumiSuzuki Airi
Wada SakurakoOkai Chisato
Inoue ReiHagiwara Mai
Tsubaki Factory
Yamagishi RikoNomura Minami
Ogata RisaFukuda Kanon
Niinuma KisoraIshida Ayumi
Tanimoto AmiSuzuki Airi
Kishimoto YumenoShimizu Saki
Asakura KikiTakahashi Ai

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Pocket Morning compilation: The H!P Momotaro cast

The above is based on Pocket Morning artist Q&A answers from all the H!P members. You can find a table compiling the individual answers below.
If you're looking for translations, Ro-kun has got you covered over at Hello! Online: ℃-ute, Morning Musume。´16, ANGERME, Juice=Juice, Country Girls, Kobushi Factory, Tsubaki Factory.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Momochi no Kimochi: Momochi's anatomy

Momochi's anatomy
From left to right: Pinky, Chin, Momochi Musubi, Ribbon, Feet

Momochi Musubi
The Momochi Musubi are like my characteristic trademark. One of these days, they're going to make promotional goods using Momochi's silhouette ♥ Unexpectedly, treatments are their weakness. My hair gets so silky smooth that it hinders me from tying them up the next day.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

[2ch] Oi, Kanazawa Tomoko is holding Miyamoto Karin in a princess carry!!!!

1 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2016/09/08(木) 21:47:14.44 0

I held Miyamoto Karin-chan in a princess carry。
She was super duper light…!
In a sense, it gave me a shock…! lol

2 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2016/09/08(木) 21:48:25.55 0
Here it is━━━ヽ(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)ノ━━━ !!!

3 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2016/09/08(木) 21:48:44.32 0
Tomoko's got strong arms

4 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2016/09/08(木) 21:48:59.92 0
It feels like she's going to drop her out of a window after that

9 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2016/09/08(木) 21:50:00.13 0
What's up with this, it's like it was photoshopped

7 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2016/09/08(木) 21:49:36.15 0
Do squats from that position

18 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2016/09/08(木) 21:53:06.62 0

19 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2016/09/08(木) 21:53:45.40 0
This is great
It's so relaxing

15 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2016/09/08(木) 21:51:35.80 O
Will they kiss from that position?

Friday, 10 February 2017

OzeMomo's lovey-dovey shots

Doing promotions for their 4th single 'Do Datte Ii No / Namida no Request', Tsugunaga Momoko and Ozeki Mai did a quiz at an event in September 2016.
The two of them would be given questions, and the challenge was to provide the same answers. Who cares about the 10 year age difference, right?
Between them, OzeMomo managed to get 6 matches out of 10 questions.

But no Japanese quiz would be complete without a punishment game.
And so, they had to atone for their 4 wrong questions.

Their punishment was...

To upload 'chummy, lovey-dovey' pictures on their official Twitter account.

(Quick Japanese lesson: Oze signs off as 'Ozeo' (おぜ男), where that last 'o' is the kanji that means 'man' - implying that she's the guy in this relationship)

The Tsugunaga Ozeki talk & handshake event at HMV & BOOKS TOKYO has ended. Here's picture number one of the punishment (?) chummy, lovey-dovey shots...
'The sky is sullen.' by Momochi ♥

The second chummy, lovey-dovey shot for their punishment...
'Sharing half and half' by Ozeo

The third of the already not-so-punishing chummy, lovey-dovey pictures...
'Unlike the weather, my heart has is all clear skies' by Momochi ♥

The last chummy, lovey-dovey picture...
'Let's meet again in our dreams' by Ozeo
I hope that all of you have good dreams as well...

And here's an extra provided in Ozeko's blog post.

But still、 we’ve been going out for 2 years。 by Ozeo

Good Boy Bad Girl / Peanuts Butter Jelly Love / Country GirlsDodatte Iino / Namida No Request / Country Girls

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Maruwakari Summer 2016: Suzuki Airi

Anyone would envy her multi-faceted activities!
She's still in the midst of improving herself!!
Q1. Who is your favourite H!P member (including OGs)?
Takahashi Ai-san. I like her, and I admire her!! I strongly admire her ♥ 
I'll eternally admire her!!

Q2. What H!P song would you like to sing solo?
'Omoi Afurete' (Matsuura Aya)
It's really difficult, but it's a song that I'd like to practise so that I can master singing it!!

Q3. Among the (current) H!P members, who would you like to go to the sea with, and what would you do?
I'd like to go with the members of ℃-ute!!
I can't swim, so thank you for always helping me out... (laughs)

Q4. Who is the 'summer girl' amongst the (current) H!P members?
℃-ute's Hagiwara Mai-chan and ANGERME's Murota Mizuki-chan. They have lovely bodies which are beautiful and healthy with cocoa brown skin!!♥

Q5. If you were to come out with a photobook, please tell us where you'd like to go and what you'd like to do.
Eh... If the food's good and there are no mosquitoes, anywhere's fine ♥ (laughs)

Q6. What is your treasure?
Family ♥ The members ♥ All the fans!!
I can't live without any of them ><

Q7. Is there anything that you'd like to make a start on?
Pilates!! I've turned 22, so I'd like to develop my body and physique!!

Q8. Please make a new unit by picking a person from each group.
Morning Musume。´16's Oda Sakura-chan
ANGERME's Murota Mizuki-chan
Juice=Juice's Takagi Sayuki-chan
Country Girls' Inaba Manaka-chan
Kobushi Factory's Taguchi Natsumi-chan
Tsubaki Factory's Kishimoto Yumeno-chan.
An assortment of members whom I respect.

Q9. Please tell us what's the best thing about your own group.
We understand one another, even better than any bunch of friends... That's what I think!! Aren't we the best when it comes to love towards one another?

Finally, please give a message to all the fans
Thank you for everything!!!
Enjoying every day is what comes first : )
I hope that you'll send your POWER :) ♥♥♥
Hee hee ♥

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Country Girls - To Shout Out Their Secret (BLT March 2017)

Their last single before Tsugunaga Momoko's graduation will be going on sale!
With all of the members around, each member makes a big confession ♥

While we await the sale of their last single before Tsugunaga Momoko's graduation, the members confess some previously unknown stories ♥

I'd like this to be a single where I use up my whole 15 years (Tsugunaga)

You've finally announced your last single before the graduation of Momochi (Tsugunaga)-san.

Tsugunaga: As we draw closer to my graduation, more and more things are becoming 'lasts', which reminds me how close my graduation is. I'd like this to be a single where I use up my whole 15 years.

Ozeki: In 'Peanut Butter Jelly Love', you can hear Momochi-senpai's wonderful, lovely voice!

Tsugunaga: You're raising the bar too high. (laughs) I get to feature in this last one, so it's a difficult song that requires a broad singing register, but I'd like to sing it properly.

Funaki: The beginning is particularly difficult, you can tell from the look on Momochi-senpai's face. (laughs)

Morito: It's a cute song that's very Country Girls, and I hope that you keep an eye on the intricacies of the dance moves as well.

Yanagawa: The music video is cute and fairytale-like, and I hope that we can express the world of the song.

Yamaki: We were under the cold weather for the tea party scene, but we acted as if it was warm, so please watch that as well. (laughs)

How about 'Good Boy Bad Girl'?

Morito: The lyrics are split between a guy and a girl, and there's part of the choreography that looks like we're kissing. And it was fresh to have (Ozeki) Mai-chan take on the girl role.

Ozeki: I've been established as a guy character, so being put in the girl role was something that I found to be difficult, despite being a girl myself. (laughs)

Yamaki: The dance moves put a lot of pressure on me. 'Cause if I make a mistake, I might end up kicking Momochi-senpai in the head......

Tsugunaga: We have to hold hands after that, and yours get really sweaty. (laughs)

Funaki: The two songs are completely different, so you can enjoy various sides of Country Girls through this one single.

Yanagawa: In terms of dancing and singing, it's our hardest single yet, but we'll work hard with everything we've got in order to reach a high level!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

MM 13ki - The story of how the 2 of them started (BLT Mar 2017)

The first BLT appearance of the Morning Musume。´17 13ki members!

Nippon Budokan, 12 December 2016.
The first unveiling of the Morning Musume。13ki members
Kaga Kaede and Yokoyama Reina.
These two new heroines
Will be making a new story from now on.

A frank talk about the true feelings of of the two 13ki, just after they joined!

It's your first appearance, so firstly, please tell us what led you to want to join Morning Musume。!

Kaga: I've always liked them since I was small, but when I watched the MV to 'One Two Three', their dancing and singing were really cool. And then I took the 11ki audition. While I failed, I became a Kenshuusei. And after being a Kenshuusei for 4 years, I joined as a 13ki.

Yokoyama: I've liked them since I was in primary school as well, but what got me started was watching the Morning Musume。 wake-up prank when I was in middle school. Despite having just woken up, they had smiles on their faces, their dancing was sharp, and I thought that it would definitely be fun to be in such a group.

That legendary wake-up concert was your start!

Yokoyama: Yes. (laughs) Ah, could it be, this interview is actually a prank?...

This isn't a prank. (laughs) By the way, what dreams did you have a long time ago?