Saturday, 17 December 2016

New Season - Suzuki Airi (UTB Nov 2016)

℃-ute have announced their breakup, which will happen in June next year along with the celebration of their 12th anniversary.
Having made her major debut at the age of 12, in recent years, Suzuki Airi has broadened her range of work beyond singing.
For this girl who has turned 22, what sort of vision does she have for the future?

I'd like to relay my feelings of gratitude towards everyone

Good job on the final ℃-ute no Hi!

'I can't believe that it really was the last...... In the two weeks after we announced the breakup,  there was the Buono! concert, the Hello! concerts, the 5th September Budokan ℃ Fes, and finally the ℃-ute no Hi. It feels like time passed in the blink of an eye'

OGs often mention that once they've announced their graduation or breakup, it's pretty sad that everything becomes 'the last'......

'That's true. The breakup was something that we decided on, so we've got no regrets. But at the final Hello! Con, even from the opening of the concert, I couldn't keep myself in check'

You cried buckets.

'The first song I danced to was "Good Bye Natsuo", in the back. Opening with that led to all sorts of memories bubbling up'

Since you started, you've achieved a perfect attendance record for 386 Hello! Cons. That's amazing!

'When we entered, we had many great senpais. Even if I got just a tiny singing part at a Hello! Con, I'd be jumping in joy. That's how I've I've always felt throughout these 11 years. It may have been one concert out of 386 for me, but for those who come to watch the concerts, it might be their first and their last. And so, I can't just simply take a break! After all, concerts happen because of the fans'

Your words carry weight because you've continued on being an idol for such a long time!

'However, even after we break up, I have no intentions of quitting "being an idol"!'

Which means?

'For me, an idol is someone who gives people courage, who brings smiles to their faces. Among the ways we do that is through our activities, like through singing songs, or coming into contact with people through events. And so, in the future, just like an 'idol', I hope to be someone who, in my own way, can bring smiles to the faces of many people'

You'll also be graduating from university next year. You really will be starting from zero.

'I'll be an entry-level employee, just like my classmates (laughs). Hopefully I'll be able to try out new things as well'

But before that... You'll get psyched up as ℃-ute in these remaining 9 months.

'There are lots of things that I want to do with the members...... we'd like to meet fans from all over the country. They've been watching us from when we were tiny up to now, so we'd like to get across our gratitude to all of them'

Watashi no Key wo Shittemasuka / Airi SuzukiSuzuki Airi Style Book "Airi-sT" / Airi Suzuki


  1. Hello, i am Airi fan from Indonesia �� may I translate this and another Airi related articles into Indonesian and post it on my blog? Thank you.

    1. Ngak masalah
      But would prefer if you linked.

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