Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Maruwakari Summer 2016: Miyazaki Yuka

Wily and cute, she's the 22 year old who asks you to call her Yukanya...
Yet she's a reliable leader!
Q1. Who is your favourite H!P member (including OGs)?
℃-ute's Yajima Maimi-san is whom I like and admire. I love how she's serious and sweet!
℃-ute's Nakajima Saki-san is whom I like as an idol. I like how flexible she is at expressing herself.
No matter what, I couldn't pick a single person. Sorry...

Q2. What H!P song would you like to sing solo?
'Tasogare Kousaten' (Mano Erina)
I like Mano-san's songs, so I'd recommend it to Juice=Juice's Takagi Sayuki-chan!

Q3. Among the (current) H!P members, who would you like to go to the sea with, and what would you do?
Juice=Juice's Uemura Akari-chan.
I'd like to bury her in sand.

Q4. Who is the 'summer girl' amongst the (current) H!P members?
Kobushi Factory's Taguchi Natsumi-chan. I feel that she'd go well with festivals!!! I'd like us to go goldfish-scooping together... (*^^*)

Q5. If you were to come out with a photobook, please tell us where you'd like to go and what you'd like to do.
I'd like to have a shoot at my hometown of Ishikawa prefecture!!
I'd like to walk around Higashi Chaya District wearing a yukata ♪

Q6. What is your treasure?
A necklace with my birthstones on it, which I received from both my parents on my twentieth birthday.

Q7. Is there anything that you'd like to make a start on?
I'd like to get a Nihoncha (Japanese Tea) Instructor Certification!! I love Japanese tea, so I'd like to know more about it.

Q8. Please make a new unit by picking a person from each group.
℃-ute's Suzuki Airi-san
Morning Musume。´16's Fukumura Mizuki-san
ANGERME's Nakanishi Kana-chan
Country Girls' Tsugunaga Momoko-san
Kobushi Factory's Hamaura Ayano-chan
Tsubaki Factory's  Asakura Kiki-chan.
And, if you include Morning Musume。´16's Makino Maria-chan, who's set herself up as Marian LOVErin, it'll be the pink members (*^^*)

Q9. Please tell us what's the best thing about your own group.
The frequency of our blog updates.
Since there are people who will be waiting for updates, there are people who will feel sad after going to all the trouble of opening our blog and seeing that there are no updates!!!

Finally, please give a message to all the fans
Thank you very much for your constant support
[Can't make out this part] ♫

Miyazaki Yuka


  1. I think Yuka-nyan made it wrong to Asakura Kiki, should be in Tsubaki Factory. Beside that Kobushi Factory's Pink is Hamaura Ayano

  2. You're absolutely right, and that's actually what Yuka wrote. The mistake was on my part. Must have skipped a line as I was doing the translation.

    Will correct it, thanks for the heads up.