Sunday, 13 July 2014

Juice=Juice: And that's why we sing today! (UTB Feb 2014)

And that's why we sing today!
This is something that caught my eye - while waiting for the photo shoot, the 5 of you got together and sang quite a bit. Is this something that you've decided on together, as a group?

Miyazaki: Come to think of it, now that you mention it, I guess that's certainly the case. For us, I guess waiting time = singing time (laughs).

Miyamoto: Since we're drawing closer to the live performances, we might just be unconsciously gathering around, so that we can double the amount of our singing!

Just listening to that makes me think that you're really diligent~, but don't you often make a great uproar while someone's singing?

Kanazawa: That's when someone's mimicking another members' singing habits (laughs). Since it seems I have certain peculiarities to my singing, I often get mimicked. Although I don't think it matches me at all...

I understand the feeling of wanting to imitate Kana Tomo's singing, with its hint of sexiness (laughs)! By the way, may I ask about the favourite music genres of each individual member?

Takagi: I feel like Karin often hums idol tunes from the 80s. Though I don't really know them well...

Miyamoto: I sang Matsuda Seiko-san's 'Denwa de Date' the other day, and they told me they didn't know it. I also often sing Kawai Naoko-san's 'Love Letter'!

All 4 besides Miyamoto: (???)

Unfortunately for Karin-chan, not a single these girls were around in the 80s, so their reaction isn't unexpected (laughs)!

Miyazaki: I love the sound of the piano, so I often listen to piano compositions at home, soothing pieces of music you'd expect to hear playing at cafes. Like classical music...

Kanazawa: That feels very mellow, much like Yuka-chan~. For me, I listen to a lot of Western music. When I was a Kenshuusei, I practised with Katy Perry and Britney Spears' songs, that was what led me to like that sort of music!

Their music genre preferences are all over the place (laugh)!

Uemura: Isn't it problematic since Western songs are all in English? You wouldn't understand the meaning of the lyrics.

Kanazawa: You could look it up (laughs).

What about Sayuki-chan?

Takagi: I like Kobukuro-san's songs!

Uemura: That's a surprise!! I had Sayuki-chan pinned down as someone who liked cool, rock melodies~

Takagi: If it's me singing, then I think my kind of voice suits rock melodies. But when it comes to my music-listening preferences, I prefer Kobukuro-san, since their songs got me interested in music~ Before I discovered them, I thought that the music being played at home was grating to the ears, and I was completely uninterested (laughs).

How about Aarii?

Uemura: Hello! Surprisingly, I think I often listen to Ieiri Leo-san's songs. When we were still indie, I often noticed her stylish, cool songs... I used Ieiri-san's songs as a reference.

Miyazaki: Eh~~~~~~

Leader seems really surprised (laughs).

Miyazaki: Even though we're together almost every day, it's the first time I've heard the members musical preferences~!!

Kanazawa: Our preferences differ so much, we have to go for karaoke together (laughs).

Takagi: I'm up for it!

It's been about 10 months since this unit was formed. So I guess that there are still more discoveries to make between members. Well then, we're almost at the end of 2013 as well!

Takagi: Being formed, getting our major début, releasing singles; there were many new experiences for us, it feels like the time passed by in a flash. Wasn't it fulfilling?~

Miyazaki (clasping her hands together, and looking upwards): I hope that our work will somehow be fulfilling until the end of the year, as well as 2014...

Leader, your feelings really run deep (laughs)!! Good luck!!!!!

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