Sunday, 28 August 2011

Day 21: The idol you have the most respect for or admire?

I respect and/or adore Risako for improving her vocals from terrible to horrible to merely bad to amazing, all without appearing to give a thought about it.

I respect and/or adore JunJun & LinLin for being brave enough to work overseas, leaving their families to venture to a foreign land.

I respect and/or adore Okada Yui for the size of her boobs.

I respect and/or adore Sakitty for doing her best, and choosing to end her career on her own terms.

I respect and/or adore all idols for their amazing work ethic. Performing in concerts, various meet-and-greet events, in some cases having to prove themselves to the public - not easy.

I respect and/or adore Momo for working her ability to recover from any amount of teasing, and her antenna of love that she always sticks out.

No, Momo, isn't the last part of my list, though she definitely isn't the least.

I respect and/or adore Okai Chisato most of all.

Rather than accepting the status quo as one of Airi's entourage in C-ute, she decided to make it on her own.

It started with her 'Odotte Mita' series, where she did dance covers of H!P songs. In hindsight, if it was working to well in improving the popularity of a 9-year old, wouldn't it entail even more if it was done by a professional idol. The original performer herself, even.
In a way, it kind of humanised her. You know, made her into more of an idol you felt like you could meet rather than an untouchable idol, protected by management.

She followed this up with a web show, Okai Chan Neru. And that's a great pun if I've ever heard one.

Nowadays, it does feel like H!P has a stronger online presence, with their Ustream arrangements. But I always felt that Chissa was the one who paved the way to greater online exposure, as well as being the reason C-ute seems to have the most active online presence (see International High School).

To top it off, she held a solo concert - which sold off so quickly, they decided to make a second. Say what you want about dinner shows, theatrical performances, movie appearances - if an singer idol can sell out a concert on her own, she's probably doing something right.

Yup, definitely worth my respect.

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