Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 9: The voice you dislike?

Unlike idol you dislike, this didn't take that much time. The voice I dislike from H!P is Kumai Yurina.

Tbh, her voice isn't horrible. But I've always had the feeling that she doesn't care to put it the test, unlike the other screechers in H!P.

This partly stems from me listening to mic hacks at one point. The usual suspects - Sayu, Risako - at least make the effort to sing their hearts out. While Yurina... just seems to give up halfway through her lines.
I'd accept it if she was a member of MomoClo, what with their acrobatics and stunts and whatnot. This is Berryz Kobo, the H!P group with the lasiest dances, no thanks to the front girl being a lousy dancer.

Yeah, so in a nutshell, Yurina gets this more for lack of effort than her voice being horrible. Her voice needs songs made to accomodate it, or you end up with messes like CLAP. But most of the recent Berryz singles highlight her voice, as well as Yurina herself. Shining Power is 'her' single after all.

For the record, Yurina's always struck me as having a very elegant, pretty appearance. I like how they highlight her closeups in Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama, after the 'Hey!' shout.

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