Monday, 22 August 2011

Day 15: Favorite Morning Musume member (current)?

Slightly over a year ago, this would've been easy. After meeting MoMusu at Japan expo, Linlin became my favourite. Her bubbly 'Wo Ai Ni' in response to my own, her lovable & amusing personality, her amazing voice.

Sadly, it's just been slightly over a year since she's left. So I've got to choose from the remaining lineup.
After reflecting a bit, Sayu, I choose you!

Honestly, initially I thought that I'd have picked Aichan. I'm usually a stickler for vocal quality, the one thing that Sayu definitely lacks.
Yet what she has over the others is the fact that she has a personality. And she appears so much in TV shows. If the idol aspect doesn't pan out (wouldn't if it was purely based on vocal ability), she wouldn't have any problem with being a TV celebrity.
Have to give her props for consistently giving the most entertaining answers for the Pocket Morning questions.

Here's a quick ranking:
Sayu> Aichan, Reina > Zukki > Riho > Gaki, Aika, Mizuki, Erina (i.e. the "I couldn't care less" tier)

Aichan has the voice. Not a fan of her current blonde look, but she's got a short time left in MoMusu, so let her do as she pleases.
Reina has the attitude, but has degenerated into a mostly generic idol.
Zukki is entertaining, at the least.
Riho's the 9th gen being pushed by management. She's decent, but only time will tell if she'll drop into that last tier.
The rest - well, I couldn't care less honestly.

As a parting gift, here's a photo of LinLin I took at Japan Expo:

Snapped while queuing in line for autographs

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