Thursday, 18 August 2011

Day 11: Your favorite soloist (including ex-H!P)?

Mano, you're hawt and I'd let you finish, but Gocchin is my favourite soloist by far.

I like this picture just because your eyes are drawn to the direction her tie is pointing in
Most of the older generation were technically before I got into idols, though I'm sure I happened onto some of Ayaya's hits.
I entered into the world of H!P slightly before Mano debuted. At the moment, it's Mano, Kikka, and Kitahara who are the H!P soloists.
I'm not a great fan of Sayaka. Kikka has a pretty good voice, but I haven't warmed to her as an idol.
That leaves Mano. I found her slightly boring, but I've warmed up to her. Most of her songs definitely are boring, but as I've followed her she's always been a pretty face.
Mano would've won by a landslide if I'd never happened on this video:

Like, wow. That's pulling off sexy pretty well.
Gocchin was actually the first name from MoMusu that stuck in my mind. I had probably heard of Ayaya and Nacchi, but Goto Maki remains fresh in my mind. Not that there was that much info at the time - this was during the age of dialup and 56k modems.

I did like Garasu no Pumps, and I was familiar with Some Boys Touch. But having seen her in action makes me appreciate those even more.
Pity she's taking a sabbatical in order to fill her time with Monster Hunter from being an idol.

C'mon Mano, don't be mad, you're still my favourite active idol. Here, have a drink!
See, everything's alright now innit?

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