Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Day 24: Idol that is not one of your favorite but that you think is really good?

I guess I owe that title to Kikkawa You.

First noticed her in Tan Tan Taan, along with Koha and Kitahara.
Basically, she had the best voice among the three.
Which probably isn't too hard when you think about the vocal abilities of the other two, but even in general, she's got a good voice.

Even among the current three solo artists, she's the most able vocally.
I guess I'm more charmed by Mano's pretty face, though Kikka does give her a run for her money given the covers from her latest album.
I guess if the quality of her songs improves, I might start paying attention to her. Or possibly even the quantity - the more I have to hear, the more I have to base my opinion on. After all, Mano's been average all this while and I still like her.

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