Thursday, 26 June 2014

Twitter Tidbits #2

Tsunku♂ reflecting on the past

@kako0306@tsunkuboy  Tsunku♂-san, recently I've come to understand the true meaning behind 「Tomodachi ha Tomodachi nanda!」and 「Ganbacchae!」。 Besides that, listening to other songs I haven't heard in a long time, I hear them in a different way。
@tsunkuboy:  Seeing those words made me go through the lyrics again。 「Tomodachi」 is pretty deep。

Mano-chan stays up late to watch the World Cup...
Ah、with this sort of development
I can't go to sleep like this (°_°) lol

Are all of you watching football too?!?!

... and gets reprimanded for it by the fans
When I tweeted at that time
'Don't oversleep、okay'
'Will you be all right at work?'
'Hurry up and go to sleep!'
Hey, you guys (lol)

I won't sleep in
I won't let these things become a hindrance to my workー。
I can properly take care of these things by myself ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Everyone、 your worries over me
Are harsher than a mother's(lol)

Maimi goes out for a meal with an old friend
Maimi wrote about it in her blog post。 I was deeply moved。。。 Even though it's been ages, it hardly felt like itー。 That smiling face of Maimi really soothes me, she's like family, and I feel relieved whenever we're together‼︎ I love you Maimiー Thank you ♪

{For reference, Maimi's blog post (Japanese)}