Saturday, 28 June 2014

Miyamoto Karin PB Press Conference Roundup

Here's a round-up of the press-conference Miyamoto Karin held on the 20th of June in commemoration of her photo book's release.

On the topic of coming out with a photo book:
I've always dreamed about someday getting to make my début and releasing a photo book just like the senpais, so this book is like a treasure to me. It's turned out to be a photo book that contains precious shots that are packed with the dreams I had since I was small.

Her thoughts on the photo shoot:
When it started, I was really nervous and was all lost, like 'Where am I?' (laughs). But as the day went on, I truly felt that I had arrived in Okinawa when we were having our meal. Especially when I ate the natural sea grapes, it gave me a surprise, as everything from its form to its texture was completely different from what I'd ever had up until now. It was really delicious, and I liked it a lot!

Favourite photo #1:
I think that the angle between myself and the umbrella was pulled off flawlessly. Even those who came for handshake events told me that this shot was the cutest!

Favourite photo #2:
My hat really did fly off, and I went 'Ah~!' with this natural expression on my face (laughs). It's not like how I usually am when I'm dancing, it's a casual shot of me going 'Waa, what should I do!?', so I'm choosing it since it was memorable.

Favourite photo #3:
This was taken when I was playing around and caught a grasshopper. The cameraman-san told me 'So, why don't you try bringing it close to your face?' I was a little scared at the time, and my expression is subtly slightly stiff while tender, so I rather like it myself (laughs).

On it being her first swimsuit photo shoot:
My heart was pounding at the start, but the sea was there, the pool was there, and since there were many scenes with a swimsuit on, I feel like I unexpectedly got used to it. I didn't really feel that embarrassed. Between them, I was nervous when I had the red swimsuit on. Since I've hardly had any chances to wear swimsuits, my heart was going pitter-patter. But it was fun!

On the topic of completing a photo book:
I've thought a lot about showing various expressions when I'm dancing, but here, it feels really natural. I went through it just smiling as usual, it's packed with lots and lots of me being myself. For me, there were a lot of facial expressions I made in it that had me going, 'I've never seen this kind of expression before!', I really did enjoy myself there.

What the other members had to say:
My fellow member Takagi Sayuki-chan got to see it, and she was always going 'Cute! How cute!' That made me happy, but she didn't tell me which ones were cute, so I think I'll try asking her next time (laughs).

What her family had to say:
They told me that the shots came out well (laughs).

On Juice=Juice's upcoming songs:
'Black Butterfly' is a mature, sexy tango number; while 'Kaze ni Fukarete' is a refreshing song about a girl who's trying her hardest, just like us. I'd be happy if you make sure to give these two songs a look.

On how many marks she'd give the photo book:
A self assessment? Let me see... Well, to connect it with Juice=Juice, 1010 points! I have no idea what the perfect score is on that measure though (laughs).
{Trans: Take the 'Ju' part from 'Juice', which can also mean 'ten', so you have 'Juice=Juice' = 'JuJu' = '1010'}

On their tour:
From now on, together with our tour, I'd like to conquer the local juices of all 47 prefectures. This time around I drank sweet Ryukyu cola and Sanpin Jasmine tea.


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