Saturday, 12 September 2015

Fukumura, Kudo, and Ogata in Shounen Sunday

Fuku-chan, Duu, and Haachin appear in the pages of Shounen Sunday. This appearance also marks Haachin's first photo shoot in a swimsuit.

--- This time, let's ask your fellow members gathered here the questions you wouldn't normally ask.

Kudo Ogata: Eh!? What sorts of questions?

Fukumura: Right, then we'll start from me. Firstly, to Ogata-chan. How was your first swimsuit (mizugi) photo shoot?

Ogata: My first Mizuki?

Fukumura: That's not it (laughs). Swimsuit!

Ogata: Ahaha. When I did figure skating, I wore revealing clothing, so it wasn't really that embarrassing, but I really pulled in my stomach (laughs).

--- Since we've gone this far, how was your first Mizuki?

Ogata: She's slimmer compared to when I see her on the TV and in photos!

--- Eh, wait up, you thought she'd be chubby (laughs)?

Ogata: Eh, I wonder (laughs)

Kudo: Oi, ask yourself that (laughs).

Fukumura: ...

Fukumura: And, for Duu, there's something I'm interested in. Even though you're methodical, why do you just insert your clothes into your carry bag?

Kudo: Eh, I shouldn't do that?

--- Um, no.

Fukumura: You should roll them up nicely and store them away, like you'll be putting them in your dresser.

Kudo: Eh - I don't mind it at all. Because it becomes bulky when you put it in a bag. But, I'll definitely dry it out before using my bag (laughs).

Fukumura: That's definitely because you're particular about cleanliness.

Kudo: Yeah.


Ogata: A question to Kudo-san. Please tell me what my good and bad points are.

Kudo: I see, that's where you're coming from. Your good points, let me think. Ah - Compared to the other 12ki, Ogata-chan is more voracious when it comes to conversations. You're good at communicating. Your kansai-ben is cute too. Bad points... bad points... nothing out of the ordinary, I guess. Ah- your level of intellect is high, so you use complicated words with me. I have to act like I understand, so it troubles me every time (laughs).

Ogata: My question to Fukumura-san is... The members often touch your body, right? Honestly, what do you think about it?

Fukumura: I really hated it at first (laughs). Because they'd touch me as they would pass by. But I've gotten used to it, and Sayashi Riho-chan seems to be so happy, smiling as she touches me. It's also yummy to be told that I've got a marshmallow body (laughs).

{Tried to translate Fuku-chan's last answer while trying not to make it sound like a dirty fanfic, but ultimately gave up and just translated what was said. We all know that Riho's a perv anyway.)

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