Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New Faces: Member as Boyfriend (H!P Maruwakari Winter 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, asking about other members.
This one, which came out for the 2015 Winter Hello! Cons, would be Berryz' last as well as Country Girls' first. It also pre-dates Kobushi Factory, who were announced at that Hello! Con itself. Thus, the usual questionnaires are supplemented with a Berryz Kobo special as well as a new faces special (MM 12ki, S/mileage 3ki, the 5 new Country Girls).

This part of the questionnaire comes from the 'new faces' segment, where we get to know more about the new girls and what they think about other H!P members and senpai. Remember that this book pre-dates Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory, but don't worry, they get their turn in the 2015 Summer Maruwakari Book.

Q9. If this member was a guy, I'd like to have this member as my boyfriend

Ogata HarunaKudo Haruka-san. She was really cool when she wore a gakuran!

Nonaka Miki: Kudo Haruka-san. It feels like she'll always coolly take the lead, it's really wonderful.

Makino MariaOkai Chisato-san, Ikuta Erina-san. They've really got this trustworthiness to them, so it feels like I'd be protected. If the two of them were to confess to me, I wouldn't be able to choose!

Haga AkaneKudo Haruka-san. Because she's cool, like a hot guy.

Murota MizukiKudo Haruka-san. Her voice is cool, and when she does male roles in plays, she's so cool that it makes my heart skip a beat!

Aikawa MahoIshida Ayumi-san. Because it feels like she'd be frank, and blue really suits her.

Sasaki Rikako: Kudo Haruka-san, Takeuchi Akari-san, Okai Chisato-san. They're cool and handsome.

Yamaki RisaKumai Yurina-san. During the Hello! Cons, she looked really cool, sitting in front of the mirror backstage! All the more, at the time, she was wearing the male outfit for 'Rock Erotic'....... (laughs). She's really cool!

Inaba ManakaKudo Haruka-san. I love her because she's really cool, even though she's extremely cute. It's also superb how she can follow-up in all sorts of ways, and each and every one of her tiny little habits makes my heart skip a beat♥

Morito ChisakiTakeuchi Akari-san. Because she's really cool despite her cute voice.

Shimamura UtaOzeki Mai-chan. Her personality is the exact opposite of mine, she pushes forward aggressively. I like how she's bold and doesn't mind the small things ♥♥♥

Ozeki MaiKudo Haruka-san! She's cool even when she's a girl, so if she became a guy, wouldn't she become increasingly cooler!?

Notes and observations:
  • Duu basically wins this in a landslide with 7 votes. No surprises there. Only other members to be mentioned more than once were Chisato and Take-chan.
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