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Inaba Manaka's 'Member I'd like to have as a boyfriend if they were a guy' ranking

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――Please go ahead! What order should we go in?

Inaba Well, let's set aside the person at sixth... 'If this member was a guy, I'd want them as a boyfriend'. From 5th place! Yanagawa Nanami-chan.

――Yanagawa-san is fifth.

Inaba Yes. It's not that there's anything wrong with Yanagawa-chan. I just don't know her that well since she's a new member... Also, she's got a very courteous way of expressing herself, which makes her seem girly. Because of that, I can't imagine how she'd be like if she were a guy... So it's more that I can't imagine her being a guy, rather than not thinking of her as boyfriend material.

――She is so girly, isn't she? Well then, let's go on to fourth place.

Inaba  Funaki Musubu-chan. Funaki-chan's younger than me as well, right? Just like Yanagawa-chan, I'm still not that familiar with the new members. However, in Funaki-chan's case, she's got her husky voice and candid personality. With those, it's easy for me to imagine her as a guy. So she's 4th!

――By the way, the two that you just picked are younger than you, but what would you like to do if one of those two were your boyfriend?

Inaba Umm, let's see... But since they're younger, I'd have to take the lead, right? Most of the other members are younger than me, but the two of them in particular have the largest age difference with me, so I'd have to teach them what they don't know. So I kind of think that I'll have to be the one who'll bring them along if we wanted to go somewhere.

――Thank you. Well then, next, how about third place?

Inaba Third place! Hmm, let's see.

――Your names may be among the next three.

Ozeki Eh! That's true!

Yamaki This is making me kind of nervous!!

Inaba At third place is... Morito Chisaki-chan!

Morito Ehh!! I thought that I'd come first!

Inaba (laughs) I have my reasons. With Chii-chan, I'd want you as a girlfriend, not a boyfriend. You're really adorable, and if you were to come to me and ask me to listen to something you had to say, I'd be happy to listen if I were your boyfriend! Like what you'd want to eat, where you'd like to go. Chii-chan, if you were my boyfriend, I feel like you'd show me off.

Morito Ehehe (laughs).

Inaba If you were a guy, I'd want you to shape up! So with that thought in mind, you're third.

――Morito-san, what do you think of being in third place?

Morito  Third place is a pretty meh ranking, but since she said that I'm girly and that she'd rather me as a girlfriend, I'm really happy! Since I'm a girl, after all.

――By the way, Morito-san, if you were a guy, would you like to go on a date with Inaba-san?

Morito Manaka-chan has always been girly, and she has this warm and fluffy aura, right? She's completely cute and fascinating... Actually, I probably wouldn't want to bring her outside!

Inaba Ehhh! Ehehehe (laughs)

Morito  I think that I'd keep her under wraps... like I'd tell her not to wear short skirts in front of other guys. I'd just like to two of us to stay home all the time!

Inaba Oh my! You know... that makes me happy!

――No going outside?

Morito Yeah (laughs). I'd be such a tiresome boyfriend.

――And with that, please go on to second place.

Inaba Second place is... (does a drumroll)! Ozeki Mai-chan!!

Ozeki Me!?

Inaba In the PV for 'Wakatteiru no ni gomen ne' from our second single, Ozeki-chan played the role of a guy. With her short-cut hair, she's got a boyish image and character. I think that's cute and cool. But for me, she has more 'cute' aspects than 'cool' ones. What's more, as a boyfriend, she'd be younger than me, right? To be in first place, I'd prefer someone sturdy, someone who can take the lead. Based on that, I put you in second.

――I see! Well then, we've finally come to the first place announcement!

Inaba Inaba: Right! (does a drum roll) Timing nicely with the stage-play, it's Yamaki Risa-chan!!

Yamaki Ehh!! You want me as a boyfriend!? Thank you~♡

Inaba We're the same age, but she's reliable and I can talk to her about all sorts of things. I've been to Shinjuku with Yamaki-chan, and it was my first time at Shinjuku at the time. At first, I had a negative image of Shinjuku, and so I wasn't really pleased about it. But she'd thought up all sorts of plans a couple of days before, and she'd checked out everything. Like for food, she knew which store to go to if I wanted to have meat! Since I'm indecisive, and I can't make up my mind about where to go for meals... She'd be reliable if she were my boyfriend.

Yamaki That makes me so happy!

――Yamaki-san, have you always liked to look things up and take the lead?

Yamaki Rather than liking to take charge, I like food. I normally check things out by myself, and if it's good, I'll think about bringing the other along next time! I'm indecisive as well, but there might be parts of me that are willing to make decisions if someone else won't.

――Well then, if Inaba-san was your girlfriend, what would you like to give her?

Yamaki Lots of things! You know, since I definitely want to protect that kind of airiness that she has. So if I really were a guy, I'd want to show her how cool I was, so I'd do something like reserve a spot at a restaurant, somewhere which would be a bit of a stretch, and I'd escort her there!

Inaba But I've noticed how cute it was that she would go the extra mile. I immediately notice it, since we're always together!

――And how about 6th place?

(A buzz starts amongst the members)

――It goes without saying, there's only that person left.

Inaba 6th place is Momochi-senpai! It's not that I don't want to give her a chance! It's not that I don't want her as a boyfriend, but she's such a magnificent person. She's cute, and she's cool when she's performing, so she goes beyond the realms of desirability as a girlfriend or a boyfriend. And so, without being able to have that sort of relationship, in the sense that I'd like to watch her take the lead, I put her in 6th! ... I wouldn't be compatible with her.

――Thank you very much (laughs)! By the way, you mentioned that it was timely as Yamaki-san plays a male role in the stage-play 'Kizetsu suru hodo Aishiteru'. How was she in that?

Inaba Yamaki-chan and Ozeki-chan acted as guys, and the both of them were so cool! Ozeki-chan was trying hard to look cool, which was adorable. But Yamaki-chan really got into the guy role from the start. It played an important part in determining these rankings.

――Were there actually any 'romantic' scenes involving the members who played male roles?

Inaba According to the story, I play the role of Hiroko, a girl who's in love with Billy, who's played by Kishimoto Yumeno-chan (Tsubaki Factory). So I don't have any scenes where I'm involved with Yamaki-chan or Ozeki-chan. However, Yamaki-chan was really cool in her role as Jerry, so during the breaks, as an 'extra addition', a love story would unfold between Hiroko and Jerry (laughs).

――In what way was she cool?

Inaba They were members of the rockabilly band 'Billy Hoshino and the Galapagos Kings', so I'd definitely pick the scenes where they did musical performances! Also, there was a scene where Yamaki-chan raised her voice in a fight. It was different from a fight between girls, and I thought that she was really good at expressing herself, I was impressed.

——And finally, please pick a song from your new single 'Boogie Woogie Love / Koi ha Magnet / Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Muchuu~', and tell us what to listen out for?
Inaba I really like 'Ran Ra Run ~ Anata ni Muchuu~'. This song is much like the songs that you'd expect from Country Girls based on the songs we've had so far, it's a song that's very cute. The intro starts with a phrase that's familiar to everyone, but Country Girls are the first ones to cover this song in Japanese. All the outfits and the dance moves are adorable, it's a song that's packed with cuteness, so I hope that you heart will skip a beat ♡ when you see us in that.

And with that, we announce the results!

6th place Tsugunaga Momoko-san
5th place Yanagawa Nanami-san
4th place Funaki Musubu-san
3rd place Morito Chisaki-san
2nd place Ozeki Mai-san
1st place Yamaki Risa-san

Source: Best Times

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