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Morito Chisaki's 'Member I'd like to stay over with' ranking

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——This is a 'Top 6' ranking, but let's set aside your announcement of who's first and sixth until the very end. And with that, let's start from fifth place!

Morito  Fifth would be Funaki Musubu-chan. She's a new member, and we've only worked together for just four months, so I don't know how her home situation is like. Staying over would suggest a close relationship, wouldn't it? I feel like we're still at the point where things are still a bit awkward... And so, she's fifth. But she's not at rock bottom! Funaki-chan's from Osaka, and I really like Osaka. I like how, when we're talking backstage, Funaki-chan will slip into Osaka-ben. Imagining how she's like when she's in off mode at home makes my heart skip a beat. I'd look forward to hearing Osaka-ben if I were to stay over with her!

——It would be nice if you could stay over at her place someday! Well then, fourth?

Morito Fourth is Momochi-senpai!

YamakiInabaOzeki  Ehhhーー (with looks of surprise on all their faces)

Morito I seriously put some thought into where I should place Momochi-senpai, but to start with, since she's a dai-senpai, I don't think I could stay over at her place! But then I continued with my thoughts! Since this was hypothetical, I'd be able to see everything, like how her home environment is like, or what she does before going to sleep. I can't even begin to imagine Momochi-senpai being in off mode, she's a mystery to me (laughs).

——By the way, how do you think Tsugunaga-san would be like before she goes to bed?

Morito Well, she's constantly an idol, so I think even her pyjamas would be cute ♥ That's for sure!

——Well, let's continue on to third place.

Morito Yamaki Risa-chan is at third place. If you were to ask me why...... Risa-chan is such a 'celebrity'. If I were given the choice to stay over at her place or at a hotel, in Risa-chan's case, I'd definitely ask to stay over at her house. I expect that her bed is definitely fluffy (laughs). I've never been to her place, so I'd like to drop by and stay overnight someday. I want to sleep on her bed!

——And having heard that, Yamaki-san, how about it? (laughs)

Yamaki Her delusions of me being a celebrity never ends. She's even asked me forcefully whether my bed has a canopy on it. Because of that, it scares me to the point where I can't invite her over (laughs). If you want to stay over, please make reservations at a hotel.

Morito Eh~ No way~ (laughs).

Yamaki Then, when I have a canopy ready, I'll call you!

Morito That's keeping up with your image! It'd be nice to get an invitation someday!

——And so, please go on to second place!

Morito  I really mulled over second place, but it's Inaba Manaka-chan.

Inaba Ya~y!

Morito We often stay over at hotels when we're outstation. But previously, when we were in the same room, Manaka-chan was always on the phone. I fell asleep before getting to ask her if I could get in the bath beforehand. Our overnight stay ended without us talking, which was really sad. I still hold a grudge over that even now (laughs), so Manaka-chan's 2nd!

Inaba It was just that once! I was calling my mother! I really like Chii-chan, I'd like to stay over with you lots too. I was happy that we were together in a hotel room, but I just happened to have a different task that I had to take care of, so I had to call my mother... I didn't know that you were sad because I was on the phone and didn't talk to you, so I'm really regretting that time...

——You're regretting it? Please make sure to talk with one another next time, okay! And so, at first place?

Morito Ozeki Mai-chan is at first place. We may differ in age, but between us, we have no differences, we're close. We'd pretty much chat the whoooole time! Things'll definitely be fun when we're together. I'd like to just keep on chatting until just before we go to bed!

Ozeki Thank you! If I had to do this list, first place would be Morito Chisaki-chan as well (laughs). We probably wouldn't run out of things to talk about even if we chatted on the whole day long.

Morito  I think so too (laughs)

Ozeki Right! (laughs)

——You're so close, even your breathing is in-sync (laughs)... And so, at sixth place is?

Morito Sixth place is Yanagawa Nanami-chan. I haven't spent much time together with the new members, and while I generally know how they're like, to glimpse into their private lives... it's still too early (laughs). Also, Nanami-chan loves to talk, so we'd always be talking. We'd never stop talking, so we wouldn't sleep, right (laughs).

——And finally, Morito-san, pick a song from your new single 'Boogie Woogie Love / Koi ha Magnet / Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Muchuu~', and tell us what to listen out for.

Morito I like 'Boogie Woogie Love'! Country Girls have had lots of cute songs up to now, and this is the first time we're doing a 'cool' song. It's got a rockabilly tinge to it, and we dance in pairs, doing something that resembles a spinning dance of the past, so I think it'll give a nostalgic impression!

…And with that, we announce the results!
Morito Chisaki's 『Member I'd like to stay over with Top 6 ranking』
6th place Yanagawa Nanami-san

5th place Funaki Musubu-san

4th place Tsugunaga Momoko-san

3rd place Yamaki Risa-san
2nd place Inaba Manaka-san
1st place Ozeki Mai-san

Source: Best Times

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