Friday, 31 January 2014

Selected comments from MM Choreographer YOSHIKO

「Gekkan Entame」 2014 January Edition Morning Musume。Super Dance Course

[Note: These comments are from YOSHIKO-sensei, who was in charge for most of Morning Musume's recent formation dances]

【Fukumura Mizuki(17)】<Memorises the [other] members' dance moves! Honour student sub-leader>
She's very stable。Furthermore、 it feels like she's steadily made progress up to now。
Similar to Sayashi and Ishida、 she's the type who actively enters into the dance scenes。
Since she makes large movements、 it's also very forceful。
Since there are a lot of slender members、 I think in the eyes of the guests at lives、Fukumura's dynamic movements will stand out 。

【Ikuta Erina(16)】<Aiming to be the world's number one idol! Successor of the lime-green>
The Ikuta of recent times is great。  Her movements are sharp。
 She's blessed in a physical way。
Speaking of that、I just recently found out that she's able to do handsprings。
Perhaps、there's a chance that I'll make a feature of that move。
Ikuta's fans, please hope for it (lol)。

【Sayashi Riho(15)】<No questions asked, the absolute ace!  Child of the dance gods>
From the auditions, her dancing was extraordinarily good。
She's a member that I can entrust and feel secure with。
Therefore、 I don't have anything in particular to say (lol)。
Sayashi、 I think she's definitely the one who'll attract the most attention wherever she is。
Anyway, she herself dances with a good feeling、 so watching it gives you a sort of refreshing feeling。

【Ishida Ayumi(16)】 <Her dance ability is authentic! Dancer of the forest>
Of course, Ishida's dancing is good。
She's also got a lot of experience。Of that、 I believe that everyone knows。
But to me、 she's skilled、 but I expected more。
What I want from Ishida is something explosive that goes beyond skilled・unskilled。
I want her to give something to the customers、 something that will make their heart feel like it's trembling。

Edit: Chinatsu on Hello! Online did translations of the rest.


Thursday, 30 January 2014


Seeing ManoEri on the shelves, her eyes pleading me to take her away...
Yeah, willpower broken. Insta-grab.

And you know how it is, once you make a purchase, you make a ton of purchases XD
So also scored a Kyoko Fukada and a relatively cheap Hashimoto Kanna.

Managed to refrain from Yoshiki Risa's Dream Wedding, which would have increased the cost by 50%...

The spoils:
  • UTB Feb 2014 - ManoEri cover
  • Kyoko Fukada - Blue Moon
  • anan - Hashimoto Kanna on cover, but an idol issue. Cover says 'Secretly researching idol'

Have they stopped making those trading cards for UTB though? What I got was a poster - MM 10ki though, can't complain.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The most beautiful idol

An off-shot from the latest issue of UTB+, currently, the most beautiful idol  ・ Michishige-leader's off-shot!
If you're talking about Sayu, it's got to be pink!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Ichion Nyuukon

Was listening to a translation of Babymetal's interview about their live in Singapore (which I didn't get to go to due to family commitments) when I stumbled upon the picture above.

Now Moa's known to be an Airi fan, so I wonder if it's more than a coincidence that the aspiration she wrote - Ichiion Nyuukon, put your soul into each and every note - happens to be Airi's motto (see question 5).

Monday, 27 January 2014

Picture Caption Translation: Sayanee

The first day of shooting.

My smile is awkward

By the way, the clothes are my own

{Someone}-san told me, "That's all right" (lol)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Oda Sakura: If humanity were to evolve they'd become Sato-san

Oda: Speaking about Sato-san... If humanity were to evolve I think that they'd become the same type as Sato-san

- What, is she a completely different type of organism (laughs).

Oda: There often something off when you compare the things everyone talks about to the things Sato-san talks about. Yet I think it's strange that it all meshes together.
Watching 'making of' DVDs before I became a member, I found myself thinking "Does such a person really exist", but that really is how she is as a person.
I think that it's wonderful. The senpai may have said it before,
but if Sato-san wasn't around, I think there wouldn't be this atmosphere of the current Morning Musume.
I think she really has this ability to connect people together.

Source: CD Journal through 2ch through Helloprocanvas

Notes: Not my best translation, but the content was interesting enough that I still think it was worth sharing. I'll leave you with my favourite 2ch comment: '[This is the] Maachan theory of evolution'

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

H!P DVD Magazine Vol 40 - Berryz Kobo


So the Berryz-chans enter the room to find 6 bottles of Oronamin C. The girls make a quick grab at them, leaving Maasa without. (Note: Oronamin is Maasa's favourite drink)
So they shift the drinks along one person, which leaves Yurina without one XD
They reveal the final bottle in a box under a red cloth.
Yurina: Is it okay if I break open this box?

They need to clear three missions for the key.
But Captain also reads out that as a penalty for for failure, they have to drink a supper bitter drink over there~
Which happens to be right behind her, which everyone points out should be 'here' rather than 'over there'.
Cap: I mentioned it and it just happened to be behind me
They also decide as a group who will drink it, so Cap also mentions that it's possible that the same person might end up drinking it XD

The topics:
Kanji, Maths, Social studies
English, Beauty, General knowledge
Miya (whispering as she sits down): I don't like it, don't like it, I don't fancy all these academic things.
Straight off the bat they strike off English and Maths, and go for Beauty.


They're asked to do a version of Chinese whispers with drawings.
Momo, seated after Captain, noted that she was in the worst spot (Note: Captain is notorious for her lack of drawing skills.)
Chinami starts off, and notes that the paw is a main point.
However the girls before Maasa lose hope once they looked at her drawing. XD
It turns out okay as Ricchan gives the correct answer - a cat.
When asked about the possibility of confusing it with a fox, Chinami pointed out that the paw was supposed to bring up the image of 'Yurushite Nyan'


They then discuss possible questions for the kanji section. Miya suggest the possibility of favourite mottos.
Miya's favourite motto: Isshou Kenmei (With all your might)
They then discuss switching places. Maasa ends up at the end, because it's kanji. Kumaicho 2nd last, since Momo points out that she writes nicely. Momo and Captain deliberate over their spots, with Captain pointing out that Momo's trying to be sly and run away, as well as the fact is that Momo should've have learnt it (Trans comment: After all, she is studying education).
Cap: I can't really do kanji at all
Momo: I have a feeling you'll do good (Ii kanji da yo)
Miya: So no complaints about [me and Chinami] not budging from the first two spots?

Challenge: Read out the following kanji
They do well, until Yurina hits a roadblock.
The girls recommend #1 to her, which she gets on the fourth attempt, thanks to Miya's gesturing.
Miya: Doing these things makes you feel like you've really worked hard in your studies

General knowledge

Miya: Give me an example [of general knowledge questions]. Like garbage days?
Cap: That differs by region lol

Momo points out that since Berryz are often said to be a bunch of idiots, you could look at it positively and think that being successful in this challenge would put the spotlight on them.
Chii: You're a genius - we can change our image after 10 years

They janken to decide positions, after persuading Miya and Chii that they should shift to get rid of their idiotic image. Miya still tries to cut in after losing the first round though XD
Miya and Yurina manage to persuade Captain to take the last spot.

Chinami complains that she's thirsty. The others recommend that she have the punishment drink XD
Momo points out that Chii can blame the juice if she's unable to answer. Chii still ends up saying no.
Momo: But if we fail this, Chii has to drink it. It'll make it more exciting
Chii: It would actually be more exciting if the one drinking it was you

And Chinami starts off already wondering what the first words mean XD ('Verbal', if you're interested)
Challenge: Please give verbal answers for the following: National Holidays
The girls give their answers, but complained that the bell was slow to ring.
And the reason they didn't ring it because there were wrong answers - Father's day (Chii's answer) and Mother's day (Miya's answer) aren't national holidays.
A note in the video mentions that the game should have ended at Chii's mistake, but they continued because everyone was so spirited.
There should have been a punishment, but this time they were given a special out.

Social studies

They persuade Chii to move to the back  - supposedly because the lighting was better there XD
Maasa gets the last place because she's the boss of society XD

Challenge: Write out the name of a land-locked prefecture
Chii got stuck, with Miya being the only other one who had to rewrite her answer.
It never got to the boss of society
Momo notes that Yurina got the 'Tochi' in Tochigi wrong.
There were only 8 correct answers though, so it was tough.

Chii is made to drink the punishment drink. The others mention that it's good for the skin.
After she's finished reacting to it and had a drink of water, they comment that she became radiant after drinking it.


Miya points out that Momo and Captain would be the best for Maths, so they end up as the last two
Challenge: Double the number of the previous answer
Miya takes forever though XD
No one gets punished this time, probably since this is the last one.


Chii gets one early on due to her making puppy eyes.
The others deliberate on doing janken, loser doesn't get a drink. Chii wants to join in to be fair.
The others one by one say that they're giving up their right to drink, until Chii jumps in - which the rest follow up with an 'if you say so'. XD
So Chii's the loser in the end.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

November 3rd (238th episode) Broadcast Postscript

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess (2013/11/10 10:00 pm)

For "Moshi Moshi, Momochi", we contacted a children's nurse-san
Who was about the same age as Mamachi.
It was a calm talk, about job performance and how she became a fan.
This corner is turning into one about how things came to be,
And such rich talks are one of its charms.

For "Uwasa no Momochi",
The topic was about
Yanagida Rikao-san {archaeologist}, officially answering a question about Momoko-hime on Twitter.
The Otomomochi who reported it was the person who asked the question,
And we also received notice from an Otomomochi who saw the reply,
Both of them from the Hiroshima prefecture of the Idol Kingdom. These kind of things, they really do happen!

According to his calculations, Momoko-hime's weight would be "5.8 kg". Remember that!

5.8 kilos. There can't be a mistake with that.

Translator's comments: 5.8 kilos? That's too difficult to remember. I'll stick with the classic "Equal to the weight of 29 peaches!!" (^^)

Picture Caption Translation: PonPon Combi

We're together in our private time too
The person who's always beside me

She has KY areas to her as well
The first time I've met this type of person

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko Puri Puri Princess October 27th (237th episode) Broadcast Postscript

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess (2013/11/03 10:00 pm)

Today we welcomed Ayami Chercy Snow-san and Rayna S Mauser-san from Afilia Saga.

Last year we welcomed Louise-san and Yukafin-san from Afilia Saga and got to broadcast an enjoyable talk, but as usual, this time was exciting too.

"When Afilia-san comes, ask about their age" has become a promise.

We aired a "magical showdown" that you definitely wouldn't be aired on television.
To those listening at their radios, how did it feel?

All of Afilia Saga, have a time slot in Chou A&G+
Before Puri Puri Princess.
Make sure, that on Sunday nights 7 .30 pm for about an hour, to enjoy it on Chou A&G+.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

ManoEri trying out hairstyles

What should I do for my hairstyle tomorrow---
For the time being I'll experiment, and I tried a curly, left-side braid (´・ω・`)

 Ah, my bad for being without makeup lol

Since I cut my hair short,
This is the first time I'm trying out twin-tails.

I definitely won't do this lol

You know,
It became like this when I untied it. lol
Because it was under strain
The tension went all weird lol
For the time being, I'll enter into
A nice, relaxing bath (´・ω・`)

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko Puri Puri Princess October 20th (236th episode) Broadcast Postscript

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess (2013/10/28 10:00 pm)

After two and a half months we've come back to this special project.
"Sunday Miracle Countdown Momochi"
We reported on the ranking of Berryz Kobo's songs that you'd start humming upon entering the bath.
We received letters from all you Otomomochi who had decided on their 1st to 3rd place choices,
We tallied the points as follows 1st place...3 points, 2nd place... 2 points, 3rd place... 1 point
And announced the results.

The results are as follows!

1st「Loving you Too much」
2nd「cha cha SING」
3rd「Momochi! Yurushite-nyan Taisou」
4th「Gag 100kai bun Aishite Kudasai」
5th「Maji Bomber!!」
6th「ROCK Erotic」
7th「Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi」
8th「Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba」
10th「Shining Power」

For such a loose theme, it was unexpectedly exciting.
There were people saying on Twitter "Setting aside the rankings, it would be fun to hear about stories behind the songs", but there were a lot of people looking forward to it!
Since this ranking was before this new song had gone on sale, the earnestly desired Yurushite-nyan Taisou entered the top 3, with 3 songs in the ranking from the CD, it was an interesting ranking.

From now on we'll be getting on with deciding themes for the ranking.
Please make sure to vote from now on too!


Idol rankings

Trattoria Buono 20130831 ~ 16:30 mins

20130831BUONO! by KANANASKIS2013

A 28-year old office lady calls in for advice: Her male colleagues commented that she's the type who can do work, but wouldn't want to become a housewife. She wants to know how to  make guys think of her as a woman who is interested in marriage.

Momo notes that it's a painful, and she'd like to know too, since she's often at the bottom such rankings. They then call up Airi-sensei.

Who comes in with a "Happy Wedding" and then goes on to say that she's heading back.
It turns out that she doesn't have a solution, since just like Momochi she's always at the bottom of such rankings as well. And she doesn't know why.

She elaborates that she's high on 'want as girlfriend, but not as a wife'.
Momo counters that that's better than herself, whose sole top ranking is 'seems good at saving'. XD

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

RihoRiho's handshake event tweets

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] Heading towards the hall now

 [Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] With my parka on, riding on the tram (Doya

[Hiroshima, Osaka/ Sayashi]  Mumble mumble RihoRiho

 [Hiroshima, Osaka/ Sayashi] Ah, it spilled...

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] The parka too...

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] To the tons of people who came to Hiroshima, I really thank you very much  o(^▽^)o  I'll do my best in Osaka too ー!!(^O^)

[Hiroshima, Osaka / Sayashi] I forgot my iPhone in the hall yesterday, so as a punishment game for having to go back and retrieve it, I have to put my hair in twintails for Hiroshima...

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] Ciao, Hiroshima! Onwards, to Osaka  ヽ(•ω•)ノ

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] Arrived at Hoop!

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] Curl curl

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi]  The handshake event at Osaka Abeno Hoop has been wrapped up. After it ended I had strawberry daifuku backstage, and of course all the flour was flying around, a klutz as ever.

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi]  Joined up with Fuku-chan ♡ ( ̄ー+ ̄*)sparkle

Apparently these things do work, it's just getting blocked by one of my antisocial apps XD. Seems to work fine when I go into porn incognito mode XD
It's hard to dig in Twitter for these, so I think I'll stop at these two :)

Fuku-chan's handshake event tweets

{Technology fails me, I think - these were supposed to be cool looking embedded tweets.}
 [Yamaguchi, Hyogo/Fukumura] Good morning. Mizuki split from Riho-chan and Hiroshima and headed to Yamaguchi →→。 While I was en-route I saw people in furisode. So pretty. Congratulations to everyone who's partaking in their coming of age ceremony!

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo/Fukumura] We're getting close to the start of the Yamaguchi prefecture handshake event!!! I'm nervous! Everyone! Please treat me well!

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo/Fukumura]  The handshake event in Yamaguchi prefecture has ended! All of the fans were so warm (*'ω' *)blush When Mizuki was talking, everyone naturally squatted down, being considerate to the people in the back. Mizuki's so proud of everyone (〃∀〃)ゞ

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo / Fukumura]  I said bye bye to the bear in the dressing room, and headed to Kobe {Pun: Kobe ni Ikoube}

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo/ Fukumura] Heave ho.  Wa→→rped  and arrived in Kobe。

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo / Fukumura] Now at Kobe Tower, will do my best. Everyone from Kobe! Please treat me well.

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo / Fukumura] Tower Records Kobe store! Am talking!

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo/ Fukumura] Today's meal.  The staff-san bought akashiyaki. It was soft and piping hot ☆  I want to eat it again ♪

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo/Fukumura] The Kobe handshake event has been wrapped up. It's a bit lonely going back... But it was really really really fun and awesome  ( ̄ー+ ̄*)Sparkle I bought souvenirs for the whole of Morning Musume. '14〜♪

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo/Fukumura] I was filled with the kindness of everyone from Yamaguchi, from Kobe . I love you love you love you love you Loove ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ  You ♡

[Yamaguchi,  Hyogo/ Fukumura] Now together with Riho-chan Hyahhho〜i ♪( ´θ`)ノ

{Tell me if I missed any! Now time to go back and stop procrastinating from my b!p work.}

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Queen of 48G watched the Hello! Con

I can't be arsed to tranlsate it directly, so here's a brief summary.

She fangirls about MaiMai's loli face.
There are so many members that she likes she has no idea where to look.
Then there was a Kenshuusei that caught her eye - her constant dancing almost drove Sasshi to tears. Note that Sasshi uses Kenkyuusei instead of Kenshuusei, confusing the H!P and 48G terms for it.
Then she just spews up some comment about Uemuu, Sayashi's tummy looking oh-so cute, Airi's style being oh-so pretty, but RihoRiho's tummy gave her the stink eye XD
Then she was almost brought to tears to Sayu's choice of Egao ni Namida. Comment on RihoRiho's tummy
The medley was cool as expected. It's a performance she won't be able experience twice.

H!P Matome:

{Japanese after break}

Ayumin disobeyed Tsunku♂

「Hello! Pro Maruwakari BOOK」 2014 WINTER Ishida Ayumi

Q8.  My secrets, a small one revealed
Actually, I resisted when they wanted me to dye my hair to a way lighter colour.
Initially Tsunku♂-san’s advice was that if I’m going to dye it brown,
he said「Why don’t you try making it lighter?」。It continued for three times, and it definitely made me uneasy when I was told 「Is it alright to go even lighter」 the third time。 Despite that、 I went back to a tone darker after that (lol)。 

Friday, 3 January 2014

PonPon backbiting

「Hello! Pro Maruwakari BOOK」 2014 WINTER 
Q8. My secrets、 one slipped out
Ikuta Erina
Actually、I can normally play「Natsumatsuri」 on Taiko no Tatsujin at Oni (diifculty)。At best、  I  won’t even make a mistake。But I’ve never said it in front of Mizuki。 After all, taking over someone’s special skill isn’t good、but when a member announces her special skill、even though I want to say that I can do it too, I have to refrain from saying it。 I think that I want to let them show of their skill。 
Q9. Please! Fix this
Fukumura Mizuki
Ikuta Erina It’s okay to burst in noisily while we’re in the middle of a photography session、but please be more aware of it when we aren’t in a photoshoot。 Since you’ve really got some show-offy parts to you、 please respect that we’re really trying to display ourselves naturally in the middle of taking a single cut during the photoshoot。 But once the photoshoot has ended you can go back to your boisterous ways。 I guess I’ve already said what I couldn’t(lol)。

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Post #100!

Noticed that I was at 98 posts, so thought that I might make a commemorative 100 posts post once I finished up my impressions on TGS' Partition Love.
It's kinda turned out into a retrospective of 2013, given the time of the year.
Since it's pretty rambly, I'll cut it here :)

Impressions on TGS' Partition Love MV Preview

"So, sensei, can you tell me why there needs to be a wall between us? Can't I overcome it? I don't want to be a kid"

I don't usually watch music videos, usually turning them on as background music. It's normally when the music is awesome, only then do I start watching properly.
Even worse are music videos which are part of a large movie. You end up wondering what the story is about - like did Jurina and Mayuyu get married in the end or something? That kind of thing.

Thankfully, the music was awesome - this is TGS after all - which drew me to the video.
And the story itself is mostly self-contained - well, up to the best part, where it cuts off!
Well played on their part - if anything, it makes me want to know what happens even more.

The story is that of a student - Hiichan - having a crush on her teacher.
We see her currying favour with him, trying to flirt subtly.
Then, a rival appears! In contrast to Hiichan, Aachan takes a more aggressive approach.
Hiichan finally ends up writing a letter to the teacher.
And as we get to the point where we can see the teacher's response, the video ends!
Professional conduct would most likely have him thank her with a polite refusal.
But we can see as part of the CM that Hiichan later turns up at the teacher's door in the rain. Awww, poor (wet) Hiichan.

Can I just say how adorable Hiichan is as a high schooler?
It's rare that they pull off this kind of image instead of their usual mature style.
Yet she's just so comfortable in this high schooler role.
Her acting seems pretty good as well.

The bits of English sprinkled in the video is a plus as well.
"Please remove the partition between us"
"The heart is about to burst"
"Would you look at me not as a student, but as a sweetheart?"
The second one seems a bit of a stretch for a first year senior high schooler though - everything else around it seems reasonable, then you have this figurative sentence in the middle.

All in all, I've always loved how TGS has always been consistent with the high quality of their music. And their music videos can and does blow me away at times - Kodou no Himitsu was another one where the music video was a win.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Momo appears in Kohaku

So apparently Momochi was spotted at the Kouhaku during SMAP’s performance.
The 2ch thread I found this on has already been threadlocked, and the matome sites I went through provided no further evidence. Plus, I think she would’ve been at the Countdown concert in Nakano Sun Plaza. There’s also no mention of it on her blog.
Still, it appears Momochi has learnt how to split her body into two. You’d expect nothing less from Tsugunaga-pro.

Hello! Pro rankings for 2013 by Japanese fans

Main thing of note:
Number 1 oshimen
Tsugunaga Momoko

Lot's of Otomomochi out there XD

Classic caveat that these are a specific, very-likely biased, sample of the fans and not of the population as a whole. Still since it seems to be biased towards Berryz, carry on XD