Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Fuku-chan's handshake event tweets

{Technology fails me, I think - these were supposed to be cool looking embedded tweets.}
 [Yamaguchi, Hyogo/Fukumura] Good morning. Mizuki split from Riho-chan and Hiroshima and headed to Yamaguchi →→。 While I was en-route I saw people in furisode. So pretty. Congratulations to everyone who's partaking in their coming of age ceremony!

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo/Fukumura] We're getting close to the start of the Yamaguchi prefecture handshake event!!! I'm nervous! Everyone! Please treat me well!

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo/Fukumura]  The handshake event in Yamaguchi prefecture has ended! All of the fans were so warm (*'ω' *)blush When Mizuki was talking, everyone naturally squatted down, being considerate to the people in the back. Mizuki's so proud of everyone (〃∀〃)ゞ

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo / Fukumura]  I said bye bye to the bear in the dressing room, and headed to Kobe {Pun: Kobe ni Ikoube}

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo/ Fukumura] Heave ho.  Wa→→rped  and arrived in Kobe。

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo / Fukumura] Now at Kobe Tower, will do my best. Everyone from Kobe! Please treat me well.

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo / Fukumura] Tower Records Kobe store! Am talking!

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo/ Fukumura] Today's meal.  The staff-san bought akashiyaki. It was soft and piping hot ☆  I want to eat it again ♪

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo/Fukumura] The Kobe handshake event has been wrapped up. It's a bit lonely going back... But it was really really really fun and awesome  ( ̄ー+ ̄*)Sparkle I bought souvenirs for the whole of Morning Musume. '14〜♪

[Yamaguchi, Hyogo/Fukumura] I was filled with the kindness of everyone from Yamaguchi, from Kobe . I love you love you love you love you Loove ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ  You ♡

[Yamaguchi,  Hyogo/ Fukumura] Now together with Riho-chan Hyahhho〜i ♪( ´θ`)ノ

{Tell me if I missed any! Now time to go back and stop procrastinating from my b!p work.}

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