Thursday, 30 January 2014


Seeing ManoEri on the shelves, her eyes pleading me to take her away...
Yeah, willpower broken. Insta-grab.

And you know how it is, once you make a purchase, you make a ton of purchases XD
So also scored a Kyoko Fukada and a relatively cheap Hashimoto Kanna.

Managed to refrain from Yoshiki Risa's Dream Wedding, which would have increased the cost by 50%...

The spoils:
  • UTB Feb 2014 - ManoEri cover
  • Kyoko Fukada - Blue Moon
  • anan - Hashimoto Kanna on cover, but an idol issue. Cover says 'Secretly researching idol'

Have they stopped making those trading cards for UTB though? What I got was a poster - MM 10ki though, can't complain.

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