Friday, 31 January 2014

Selected comments from MM Choreographer YOSHIKO

「Gekkan Entame」 2014 January Edition Morning Musume。Super Dance Course

[Note: These comments are from YOSHIKO-sensei, who was in charge for most of Morning Musume's recent formation dances]

【Fukumura Mizuki(17)】<Memorises the [other] members' dance moves! Honour student sub-leader>
She's very stable。Furthermore、 it feels like she's steadily made progress up to now。
Similar to Sayashi and Ishida、 she's the type who actively enters into the dance scenes。
Since she makes large movements、 it's also very forceful。
Since there are a lot of slender members、 I think in the eyes of the guests at lives、Fukumura's dynamic movements will stand out 。

【Ikuta Erina(16)】<Aiming to be the world's number one idol! Successor of the lime-green>
The Ikuta of recent times is great。  Her movements are sharp。
 She's blessed in a physical way。
Speaking of that、I just recently found out that she's able to do handsprings。
Perhaps、there's a chance that I'll make a feature of that move。
Ikuta's fans, please hope for it (lol)。

【Sayashi Riho(15)】<No questions asked, the absolute ace!  Child of the dance gods>
From the auditions, her dancing was extraordinarily good。
She's a member that I can entrust and feel secure with。
Therefore、 I don't have anything in particular to say (lol)。
Sayashi、 I think she's definitely the one who'll attract the most attention wherever she is。
Anyway, she herself dances with a good feeling、 so watching it gives you a sort of refreshing feeling。

【Ishida Ayumi(16)】 <Her dance ability is authentic! Dancer of the forest>
Of course, Ishida's dancing is good。
She's also got a lot of experience。Of that、 I believe that everyone knows。
But to me、 she's skilled、 but I expected more。
What I want from Ishida is something explosive that goes beyond skilled・unskilled。
I want her to give something to the customers、 something that will make their heart feel like it's trembling。

Edit: Chinatsu on Hello! Online did translations of the rest.


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