Friday, 7 July 2017

Concerning Ice Cream & My Jiggly

Thank you very much for your support for Ice Cream & My Jiggly and my translations.

I would like to announce that after the 15th of August 2017 - my 4th cake day as a translator - I will no longer be updating this blog.

With the disbandment of ℃-ute and the graduation-cum-retirement of Tsugunaga Momoko, all of the Hello! Project Kids have left Hello! Project. Given the H!P Kids skew of this blog, this means that the majority of translations on this blog pertain to now-graduated members. With that in mind, it feels like high time to close the book on this blog.

Through Special Generation, Berryz were in a way my entry into the world of J-Pop idols. My budding interest in them and their contemporaries ℃-ute led me to start this idol blog, named after a now decade-old V-u-den song and my favourite Pokemon. Looking for avenues to level up my Japanese, I started posting translations roughly four years ago. Translating has since turned into an immensely enjoyable hobby for me. But still, all good things - like the H!P Kids - come to an end.

Leading up to the 15th of August, I plan to clear out my drafts and hopefully tie up some remaining loose ends.

As for the site, after the 15th of August, it will be left as-is. Ice Cream & My Jiggly was the entirety of my late twenties. To shut it down would feel like the disappearance of something that's important to me. It would be sad. To me, it's something that's irreplaceable. So for as long as Blogger continues to keep on providing free hosting, this blog will be up.

Thank you for all your support.



  1. Your works have been really helpful and awesome for a non-japanese speaker like me. I really hope you will stay translating, maybe ancient materials for your grandkids, I don't mind, haha

    It's been fun. Thank you and have a great life!

  2. You really do a great job in this blog.
    I can't thank you enough for all the translations. As a long time, kinda obsessive fan (lol) who can't read Japanese, translations are invaluable.
    Translations are always fun, and some times more interesting than I expect. And those moments are only possible to people like me thanks to people like you.
    So really, thank you. And good luck with everything you plan to do now.

  3. Thank you so much for your translations!

  4. Thank you for the translations! Even though Momo will graduate, I hope the Kids that are remaining in showbiz will continue to give you joy.

  5. Thanks for all the hard work, Skoban. No more Icejiggly is a big lost, but thanks for all your superb translations all along this years.

    Thank you again.

  6. Thanks for all the great year, and also the great translation. We're gonna miss your translation, hope you will back soon..

  7. It would be great to read more concerning that blog..!Thank you for posting this blog.

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