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Yamaki Risa's 'Member I'd like to have as a girlfriend if I were a guy' ranking

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―― Well then, to keep up the suspense, we'll get to the first and sixth place at the end. So please start from the fifth place.

Yamaki 5th place is Funaki Musubu-chan! I gave this question some serious thought. Having put some serious thought into it... I couldn't imagine going out with a thirteen year old. In that sense, she's fifth.

―― I see. Well then, please go on to 4th place.

Yamaki 4th place is Morito Chisaki-chan.

Morito Ehh!

Yamaki This is... I think that this may have come as a bit of a surprise for a lot of people... If I had to put Chii in a role, I'd like to have her as a sister, a family member. Since she's innocent. If I was her boyfriend, I'd show her off. There are positives to that, but if pushed to say, I prefer that loving, sisterly mood, like 'Ah, you've done it again!' So, 4th.

―― Morito-san, what do you think? Being at fourth place. 

Morito I'm a bit shocked! Because I thought I'd rank higher... Well, but family is closer than a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, right? And so, I get that Risa-chan thinks that she'd be fine with me being close-by... So, I'm like, whatever!

Yamaki I'd like to have you near me!... I feel like you help keep me on solid ground.

Ozeki Isn't that strange? isn't that what you'd call a pet...?

Inaba Like you'd just want to keep on squeezing her.

Morito I'm human, you know? A human being.

―― Well then, let's go on to 3rd place.

Morito I'm so jealous...

Yamaki She's a really interesting girl. I feel like she'd show me a new world. She speaks really corteously. So if we're going out on a date, she's someone who won't have any problems running to me while saying 'Good morning. Today's an auspicious day...'! I think that in a good way, she'd flip around the conventional image of what it means to be a boyfriend and girlfriend, so she's third!!

―― It does seem like going out with her would be a refreshing experience.

Inaba My name's still not out there... Now I'm nervous.

Yamaki And the second place is... Ozeki Mai-chan.

Morito Oh~.

Yamaki She's a really good girl. Pure and innocent. Looking at her soothes me, and going out with Mai-chan would be like receiving a purification...

―― What do you think? Second place Ozeki-san.

Ozeki I'm really happy! For her to say that I'm that much of a good girl... 

Morito Are you getting embarrassed?

Ozeki Eh. (Waves hand in embarrassment) I'll p, purify! Risa-chan!

――  Well, let's move on. First place!

Inaba Eh, I'm really nervous...

Yamaki ............Inaba Manaka-san!

Inaba Yaa~y!! Hooray, it's mutual love ♥ Boyfriend-girlfriend, mutual 1st places!

Morito That's amazing! It's mutual!

Yamaki That's right! So I was really happy when Manaka put me in her top spot! (※ Note: See previous interview)

―― It must have been nerve-wracking as we were going along and your name hadn't been called out. Yamaki-san, could you give us your reasons?

Yamaki Anyone would want to have Manaka-chan as their girlfriend. She's really girlish. We also talk about the same things. More than anything else... We're so compatible! When we do our radio show together, it's like we're two sides of the same coin. Like she'll cover for me if there's something I missed, or make a contrasting comment. In that sense, if she were my girlfriend, we could probably go on and get married.

―― You're thought about it to that point!

Yamaki That's right! So, I really gave this interview some serious thought.

Inaba (Giggles girlishly♥)

―― ... Well then, sixth place.

Yamaki It's our PM (Playing Manager). Momochi-senpai. There's a reason for this! Momochi-senpai's good at talking, right? And so, at my level, if I were to go out with her, it'd look as if she were wearing the pants in our relationship! I'd be under her thumb! And so, I've got to improve my ability to smooth talk in order to make Momochi-senpai fall for me, then I'll attempt to make her acquaintance again.

InabaMoritoOzeki M, make her acquaintance again....

Yamaki It's not a problem with Momochi-senpai, it's a problem with me!

―― (laughs) Thank you very much. Well then, pick a song from your new single 'Boogie Woogie Love / Koi wa Magnet / Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Muchuu~' and tell us the highlights.

Yamaki I recommend 'Koi ha magnet'. It's a very mature song. So, even when we were shooting the music video, everyone was mature, expressing a sense of grief hanging on our hearts. Isn't that a new aspect of Country Girls? This song has an unaccented dance. The movements are mellow, like this. The song has its own accents, but not the dance. We have to do opposite things at the same time with this one, which poses a new challenge to us... So I hope that you'll pay attention to that. 

And so, the ranking is as follows!

6th Tsugunaga Momoko-san
5th Funaki Musubu-san
4th Morito Chisaki-san
3rd Yanagawa Nanami-san
2nd Ozeki Mai-san
1st Inaba Manaka-san

Source: Best Times

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  1. thanks for the translation! I'm not sure if the original was like this or if it's just a typo, but in the actual write-up, it doesn't mention anywhere that Yanagawa is 3rd place...

    anyhow, this is adorable 💖 thank you!!

    1. Yeah, she doesn't explicitly mention Yanamin's name in the original Japanese writeup of the interview either.

      Thank you for reading.