Thursday, 31 October 2013

RihoRiho, the second Dan Mitsu

Haruna: …Everyone seems mature
Riho: Really?
Mizuki: She said it
Riho: Recently, the fans have been telling me that I seem more mature
Haruna: Your seductiveness is emerging
Riho: During my birthday, someone told me that I should aim to become more mature, aim to be the second Dan Mitsu, and wished me good luck
Mizuki: Someone said that?
Riho: Yeah, there was someone who said that
Haruna: Fukumura-san, Fukumura-san, please don’t lose
Riho: Well, Momusu’s Dan Mitsu is Fuku-chan.
Mizuki: What does that mean? I don’t get what you mean
Riho: I think i’ll aim to be the next one
Haruna: What’s up with that?
Riho: Well it’s turned into an unrelated discussion, but please continue to oversee my development. Fuku-chan, please educate me
Mizuki: Eh, in what way?
Riho: Like how to make myself appear pretty
Mizuki: Nah, nah
Haruna: Yeah, it’s out of the question for me
Mizuki: Let’s go continue with the announcements

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