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Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko Puri Puri Princess September 1st (229th episode) Broadcast postscript

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess (2013/09/02 1:00 am)

Today there were three letters for the "Futsuu no Otayori" (Letters from listeners).

  • "I'm unable to take pills", "Is Momochi able to take pills?"

Momoko-hime very proudly informed us that:
"Having graduated about three years ago" "The medicine I used to take was this jelly-like thing they used to sell, have you heard of it?"
If you check at a pharmacy, it'll be there! I wouldn't know though~
However, I think it's the first time in 4 years that the question "Are you able to take pills" has been asked. Excellent question.

  • "Is it true that for elementary and middle schools in Chiba Prefecture, instead of assigning classroom order number based on (Japanese) alphabetical order, they base it on birthdays instead?"
From this letter, Momoko-hime talked about things specific to Chiba Prefecture, as well as requesting listeners to "tell me things specific to each prefecture!"
Momoko-hime said that "When chatting with members, I notice some differences", but I've never seen anyone actually saying "Ah, that's something that's only done in your hometown."
Please send in any examples where you've noticed this!
In my case, in every elementary and middle school in the southern part of Saitama where I come from, elementary schools used birthday order, while middle schools used alphabetical order.
These kind of reports we would  gladly welcome.

  • "Your juniors from Juice=Juice made references about you during the closing act [of a recent concert], did they make sure to ask for Momochi's permission beforehand?"
This letter led to an enthusiastic discussion her memories with her juniors.
Naruchika, I wonder how it'll turn out... {Trans note: Naruchika is the title of the Berryz x J=J concert running at the time}

For "Momochi ha Aidol" (Momochi is an Idol), there were three pieces.

  • Situation: During the opening ceremony for a pro baseball tournament, you become nervous and end up making a wild pitch
    Normal idol: "I got nervous despite having practised so much"
    Tsugunaga Momoko: "The ball didn't want to leave Momochi's hand because Momochi's too cute"
-> Led to a discussion of Dan Mitsu's proclamation at the opening of the baseball season "Isn't that target ok?" Indeed, she would like to learn how to throw a knuckle ball from S/mileage's Takeuchi Akari.

  • Situation: When asked "Between Momochi and Morning Musume's Michishige Sayumi, whose cuteness shall prevail?"
    Normal idol: "Since both of us are cute, we can't be compared"
    Tsugunaga Momoko: "If it's between Yurushite-nyan and Usa-chan Peace, I'd value Yurushite-nyan more. Let's decide with janken."
-> She would never say the normal idol's "Since both of us are cute, we can't be compared", and such a accurate retort was included. Just what you'd expect.
  • Situation: When requested "Momochi always blogs in order to make event announcements, but I'd like her to write her impressions on these events"
    Normal idol: "I've worked hard today, so I'll write my impressions"
    Tsugunaga Momoko: "Momochi always faces forward and doesn't look back to the past. The things I'm interested in are all in the future"
-> A joke teasing her about her unchanging blog. Well, she talks about past events in Puri Puri.

Well, that was a lot of listener correspondence. Those who'd like try sending Momoko-hime a question, we'll be waiting.


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