Thursday, 24 October 2013

NHK Sohoko Quiz Tenka Touitsu

The folks at 910 percent translated the Q&A, but due to some oversight (XD) missed Momo's answers.
We'll see about that.

What do you usually wear, and are there any points that you're particular about?
Tsugunaga: A frilly one piece? Since I go to university in such frilly fashions, it ends up with everyone around me giving me cold looks...
For things that I'm particular about, the colour HAS to be pink? Since I always wear the same coloured clothes, I'm told "Momochi always wears the same clothes", but I won't give up this particular point!!

Is there anything beauty related that you worry about?
Tsugunaga: Unless I'm having a photo shoot for work, I go without makeup in my private life, always without makeup? Because I'm still cute without makeup??

For you, what does "stylish" mean?
Tsugunaga: Things that aren't out of fashion? Since I'm often told "Momochi's unfashionable", I want to be stylish?

A word for the viewers
Tsugunaga: Momochi isn't a person with a fashionable image, but a spunky student?? I'll try my best as a representative of this fashion-concious era, so I hope that all Otomomochi can lend their strength?


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